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AGICO is famous as a professional manufacturer of producing all kinds of egg tray machines and paper pulp molding products and equipment. We have won reputation from customers all over the world.

We are the outstanding cooperator that you can trust, as the fantastic egg tray machine manufacturer and exporter, AGICO dedicated to supplying kinds of paper pulp molding machines, especially egg tray machines with various kinds of models, including manual egg tray machines, semi-automatic and automatic egg tray machines.

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full-automatic egg tray production line

Full Automatic Egg Tray Production Line

egg tray production line

Semi Automatic Egg Tray Production Line

News about Egg Tray Production Line

egg tray machine

Factors Affecting the Price of Egg Tray Machine

What affects the price of the egg tray machine Many customers usually directly ask the price of the egg tray machine, but the salesperson usually does not give the price directly, but asks the customer some questions, because …

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How to Design Pulp Molded Products

Design of pulp molded products The design of pulp molded products actually includes the structural design of the pulp mold itself and the design of the processing mold, and the two are interdependent and related. Often the two …

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