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AGICO is famous as a professional manufacturer of all kinds of egg tray machines and paper pulp molding products and equipment. We have won the reputation of customers all over the world.

We are the outstanding cooperator that you can trust. As a fantastic egg tray machine manufacturer and exporter, AGICO is dedicated to supplying different kinds of paper pulp molding machines, especially egg tray machines with various kinds of models, including manual egg tray machines, semi-automatic egg tray machines, and automatic egg tray machines.

egg tray equipment

Egg Tray Machines on Sale!

These egg tray machines are our main egg tray equipment during the molding process. For any inquiries, please send an email to us!

4*1 egg tray equipment
4*1 EGG tray production line

USD7300. Suitable for small production volumes, it meets the demand for 15,000 egg trays per day.

44 egg tray machine
4*4 EGG tray production line

USD 12500. Suitable for middle production volumes, it meets the demand for 28,000 egg trays per day.

3500-4500pcs egg tray machine
4*8 egg tray production line

USD82800. Suitable for large production volumes, meeting the demand for 45,000 egg trays per day.

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