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Egg Tray Machine & Pulping Machine Were Sent to Ethiopia

egg tray machine out of factory

Recently, our factory sent egg tray machine and pulping machine to Ethiopia. Because of the good reputation, our products were sent to more than 20 countries. All the customers are satisfied with our egg tray machine. You can choose the most proper egg tray machine with different drying methods according to your real requirements.  https://youtu.be/UMx7ekl0DWshttps://youtu.be/IIF8cLvePC8https://youtu.be/HvJyOLpd-RQ

Working Process of Egg Tray Machine

Details of making egg tray machine

The main raw material of making egg tray is waste paper. Under the action of shear force and water friction, waste paper is decomposed into pulp fiber in the hydraulic pulper. The pulp fibers are delivered into the pulping storage pool. In order to get high quality end products, customers can choose vibrating screen to remove …

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4*4 Egg Tray Production Line Installation and Commissioning

4*4 egg tray production line installation

In Mozambique, our customers ordered 4*4 egg tray production line, we sent the equipment to them several days ago, nowadays the installation & commissioning of this 4*4 egg tray production line is ready! Our customers are satisfied with the equipment, they run well. If you also want to devote to egg tray equipment industry, AGICO …

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5*8 Egg Tray Production Line in Mozambique

5*8egg tray equipment in Mozambique

Our Mozambique customers ordered the 5*8 egg tray production line from AGICO. Now the machine is operating well! The output of this egg tray production line is 6000pcs per hour. Our clients are very satisfied with our egg tray machine, they say they will order more egg tray equipment from our company. we sincerely hope …

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