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Issues about Drying Problem of Paper Pulping Products

drying methods of paper pulping machine

Considering the egg tray drying problem, it is easy for the paper pulping machine to produce paper pulping products. The basic and main consumption is the electricity consumption, in the next place is the drying consumption. Paper pulping products drying mainly refers to dry the final paper pulping products which are produced by the paper …

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Pulp Molding Products Industry Application Classification

pulp molding products

Pulp molding is a three-dimensional papermaking technology. It can use waste paper, old books, magazines, newspapers, cartons and boxes, etc. as raw materials, using a mold with a filter, and a special mold on a molding machine to mold a paper product of a certain shape. With the help of pulp molding machine which has …

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Paper Pulp Molding Molds Introduction

molds for pulp molding machine

As we all know, the quality of pulp molded products depends mainly on pulp moulds’ processing accuracy. Therefore, exquisite mold processing technology is a reliable guarantee for the quality of molded pulp products. The paper pulp molding industry is an emerging industry. There is no fixed pattern in the mold tray design, and it is entirely …

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1500pcs/h Egg Tray Production Line to Ghana

egg tray automatic project machine

At the beginning of November,we finished and loaded 1500 pcs/h egg tray production line for Ghana customer. And in one month we will remotely guide the installation for customer. This 1500pcs/h egg tray production line is one of the most popular complete lines of tray egg machine. Our customers are satisfied with our service and …

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4000pcs Automatic Egg Tray Production Line to Iraq

4000pcs/h automatic egg tray production line to Iraq

4000pcs/h automatic egg tray production line ordered by Iraq customers has been completed. This egg tray production line included DT 4×8 egg tray machine, pulping machine, multilayer metal drying line and egg tray stacker.  Our 4000pcs/h egg tray production line has the features of high efficiency and output, low investment and so on. Welcome to …

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