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Happy New Year

disposable tableware

We offer egg tray machine Chinese New Year is coming, we will have a seven-day holiday, New Year is important for Chinese people to go home and together with the families.  If you have any questions about our products, pls leave messages to us via the email, we will reply you as soon as possible. …

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Pulp Molding Wet Processing and Dry Processing

pulping pool

Pulp molding wet processing The wet pressing refers to the process of injecting the pulp into the forming mold through the pipeline after pulping, adsorbing excess water by vacuum, and forming a wet embryo and immediately transferring it to the hot pressing molding die for rapid extrusion drying.  Advantages of pulp molding wet processing TThe environmental …

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7000pcs/h Egg Tray Production Line(DT 6X8) Were Sent to Zambia

6000pcs/h egg tray production line

We loaded the Zambian client’s 7000pcs/h egg tray production line (DT 6X8) with automatic drying equipment at the beginning of December, 2021. 7000pcs/h egg tray production line is our largest output egg tray equipment. It is suitable for large industry, and need high investment, because usually 7000pcs/h egg tray production line need automatic drying equipment …

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Common Issues about Paper Molding Products

pulp molding products

When making paper molding products, there are always some questions which confuse customers, here are some common issues about paper molding products, hope will be helpful to our customers. Why is the weight of the paper molding products inconsistent? Firstly, the concentration of pulp is changing. When the prepared pulp with a certain concentration is released from …

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