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How to Deal with the Deformation of Pulp Molding Products?

deformation of pulp molding products

Generally speaking, there will be serious deformation of pulp molding products because of different causes, so we should do something to prevent the deformation. If we want to stop this deformation, we first should know how this deformation happened, then according to the cause to adopt different solutions. Causes of serious deformation of pulp molded …

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2000pcs/h Egg Tray Making Machine will be sent to Nepal

2000pcs/h egg tray machine sent to Nepal

Ordering 2000pcs/h Egg Tray Machine We are pleased that our Nepal customer has ordered our egg tray making machine at the beginning of 2022 before New year. They ordered 2000pcs/h egg tray making machine(Model ZMDT3*4) with natural drying. After negotiation, customer finally accepted our professional suggestion to choose the most economical egg tray production line with natural drying …

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Features of civil engineer drying

civil engineer drying

Civil engineer drying also called brick kiln drying, it applies to a fully-automatic egg tray production line. Wet egg trays will be conveyed to the drying room by a single-layer conveyor belt. Besides wood and coal, gas or diesel can also be used as heat source with the help of proper burner to dry wet egg trays. With …

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Egg carton production line arrived in Zambia

unload egg tray machine

After a long time and in-depth discussion, Zambia customers told us that there has a long period of rainy time every year in their country, so we suggested customers to consider the egg tray production line with brick kiln according to their local climate. Through investigation and research, the Zambia customer finally choose AGICO group and …

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Remote video link with Indian customer

molds of egg tray production line

Our Indian customer wants to buy egg tray production line capacity 2500-3000 pcs/h model ZMDT4*4, the customer also wants to visit our egg tray equipment processing workshop, in view of the current epidemic reasons, we carried out production workshop remote video link, the customer was positive about our production capacity, design and processing abilities. At …

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