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Why Choose Molded Pulp Packaging?

paper molding product

In everyday life, molded pulp packaging is used in many ways. Cookware, coffee mugs, eggs or electronics require specific moulded fibre packaging. The material of the moulded pulp packaging has the following advantages, for example, it is lightweight, space-saving, convenient for raw materials and environmentally friendly. Reasons for choosing molded pulp packaging 1. Molded pulp …

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Issues about AGICO Egg Tray Production Line

Pulp moulding production line is also known as egg tray production line for using massively in producing egg trays. This type egg tray machine is suitable for medium or large scale production plant. It can produce egg cartons, egg box, egg tray, bottle holder, fruit tray, coffee cup tray. The product can be recycled, is a …

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AGICO Offers the Most Wonderful Service

agico service process

AGICO offers the most wonderful service from the beginning of requirement to the final debuging, our customers can contact us whenever you have any questions, we offer one-stop perchasing service like the picture below. I Pre-sales ( pre-order) 1. Confirm Requirement We need you to present your requirements, such as raw materials, production capacity, fully …

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