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AGICO Egg Tray Production Line Ship to Angola

AGICO Egg Tray Equipment, a prominent manufacturer in the paper product machinery industry, is poised to export a groundbreaking 2000-piece four-sided machine and an efficient drying room to Angola. The highlight of this shipment is the innovative 2000-piece four-sided machine, equipped with dual molds for both egg tarts and egg cartons. Our client ordered a combined …

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Issues about Raw Materials of Egg Tray Equipment

deep yellow egg trays

Pulp-molded products have good sales in the market. Making pulp-molded products requires appropriate raw materials and suitable pulp molding equipment, processed through specific procedures. Today, let’s briefly discuss pulp-molded raw materials. Pulp Molded Raw Materials Pulp Molded Raw Materials can be broadly categorized into two types: Virgin Pulp (Pulpboard) and Waste Paper Materials. Virgin Pulp …

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Zambia 7000 Pieces Per Hour Egg Tray Production Line

Recently, our customer in Zambia ordered a complete set of egg tray production equipment with a capacity of 7,000 pieces per hour. The egg tray machine is a 6×8 configuration. We have successfully delivered the equipment, and the customer is very satisfied with what they’ve received. They have already begun the installation process, and everything …

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