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Advantages of paper pulp molding products

What is paper pulp molding product?

Pulp molded products are manufactured by pulp molding equipment. The pulp is put into various specific molds and then through drying to form the packaging paper materials we see now. At present, pulp molding equipment production technology can realize automation, high-speed, and mass production, so it is widely used in the packaging and transportation industry.

Advantages of paper pulp molding products

Strong plasticity and high degree of freedom

Pulp molding equipment produces molded products by creating a variety of molds. The biggest advantage is that it can generate molds according to product specifications and appearance shapes, and has a high degree of freedom. The pulp molded product produced in this way not only saves material costs greatly, but also fits the shape of the product well, so that the product can be fixed to prevent collision during transportation.

Excellent protection and cushioning performance

We all know that the raw material of molded pulp products is paper. Therefore, the molded product is very light and soft, and there is a certain degree of elasticity from its production structure, so the cushioning performance is good. After it is shaped by a specific mold, the overall molding product has good stiffness and strength, and has a certain protection.

Appreciable breathability and moisture absorption

Since it is used in the packaging and transportation industry, in addition to certain strength and rigidity, pulp molded products also need to have good permeability and waterproof performance. For example, our common fruit trays and egg trays, because the products they carry are food, so for the freshness of the food, the outer wrapping paper must have good air permeability. In order to prevent wet environments such as rain, the molded moisture absorption performance can be waterproof.

make waste into pulp molding products

Recyclable, cost saving

As we all know, compared with packaging products of other materials, molded pulp products are more convenient to stack, store and transport, and can be recycled and reshaped after they are not used, which greatly reduces our production costs and transportation costs.

Wide range of raw materials, green and environmental protection

Since it is a paper pulping product, it requires a wide range of raw materials for its production, including waste paper and plant fibers and so on, so the waste is highly utilizable and environmentally friendly, which is in line with the benefits of social and economic development.

With flame retardant and anti-static properties

The paper film products produced by pulp molding equipment can also be added with flame retardants and other materials according to the needs of users, so that the finished products produced have good flame retardant properties. In addition, the anti-static performance can also be achieved, so it is very convenient and feasible.

What are the effects of the temperature of the egg tray mold on egg tray machine?

To control the temperature of the egg tray mold, if the heat transfer oil is used to heat the mold, the temperature is not easy to control, and the entire operation of the egg tray machine molding system will also be affected. Then a simple control method can achieve the goal, that is, by controlling the hot pressing and setting time. Control the temperature of the mold. When the mold temperature of the egg tray equipment is high, if the heat pressing time is too long, heat energy is wasted and the product may be burnt. On the contrary, if the mold temperature is too low and the heating time is too short, it is easy to cause mucosal failure and affect the normal operation of the egg tray production equipment. The mold temperature is linked to the heating setting time. The mold temperature feedback controls the hot pressing time. When the mold temperature is high, the hot pressing time is automatically shortened, and when the mold temperature is low, the hot pressing time is automatically extended. The relationship curve can be input into the control system by the personnel through the man-machine interface according to the operating experience, and the control system will automatically control according to the data.

As stated, we know that paper pulp molding product has many advantages, and to make it with pulp molding equipment is quite easy. AGICO offers different kinds of pulp molding equipment, can make egg trays, egg carton, bottle tray, fruit tray, paper shoe stretcher, and so on, just through changing molds. So if you want to devote to this paper molding products industry, it is a good choice to act now. We have professional technicians to design and guide all the procedures of making pulp molding products. We have automatic egg tray production line with different kinds of capacities, the specification can refer the pdf in the bottom. We do business on the basis of high quality and excellent service. So please contact us without hesitation. We will give you great returns!

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