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Egg Tray Machine

What is egg tray machine?

As a kind of paper pulp moulding equipment, egg tray machine is used to make paper egg trays or some other paper moulding products, such as egg carton, bottle tray, fruit tray, paper shoe stretcher, cans and milk box and so on. With the development of science and technology and the enhancement of environment protection consciousness, the utilization of waste paper is improved, more and more people begin to process waste paper into egg trays, this is because egg trays are a good choice to put eggs, which can protect eggs from breaking. So generally speaking, the raw materials of egg tray machine are pulp from waste paper, wood, bamboo, straw or some other plant fiber.

Egg tray generally refers to a packaging tool used to hold eggs, duck eggs and other eggs. Its main function is to absorb shock and facilitate transportation and carrying. The pulp egg tray is made of recycled paper pulp and pressed by the molding machine mold. Because of its simple production process, low cost and no environmental pollution, it is a kind of green packaging consumables.

4*8 egg tray machine
making egg tray machine
4-6 egg tray machine

Features of AGICO egg tray machine

All the machines we offer have high quality, from designing, to producing, to the final machine, among which the spare parts have obtained CE and ISO 9001certifications. According to your real situation, we can help to recommend the properest egg tray machines. We have different models of egg tray machines, which can meet your special requirements.

Our egg tray machine is cheaper than other companies’ products with the same quality because of advanced technique and many years’ experience.

paper pulping products
paper pulping products

Various models of egg tray machine

Thanks to many years experience of making egg tray machine, we can offer various models of egg tray machine with different output. Until now, we have produced various models of egg tray machine with different capacity. We have the models like 1-side egg tray machine with capacity ranges from 1000 p/h to 1500 p/h, 4-side egg tray machine with capacity of 1800-2300 p/h to 2200-2500 p/h, 8-side egg tray machine with capacity of 3000-4000 p/h to 3500-4500 p/h or 4000-5000 p/h and 12-side egg tray machine with capacity of 5000-6000 p/h.

All of our egg tray machines are of high quality and reasonable price, we can customize special egg tray machines according to customers’ requirements. As long as you need egg tray machine, come to our company, the output ranges from 1000pcs/h to 6000pcs/h, which can meet your requirements easily.

Specification of egg tray machine

ModelsOutput (pieces/hour)Power (kw)Mould Quantity
ZMDTF 3×110002.23
ZMDTF 4×115002.24
ZMDT 3×41800-2300312
ZMDT 4×42200-2500316
ZMDT 3×83000-4000324
ZMDT 4×83500-4500332
ZMDT 5×84000-5000440
ZMDT 5×125000-6000460

12-side egg tray machine

5000-6000pcs egg tray machine

5000-6000 pcs egg tray machine

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