1-side Egg Tray Machine


1-side egg tray machine introduction

AGICO one-side egg tray machine is one of the small egg tray machines, also called single-side egg tray machine, usually the production capacity ranges from 1000pcs to 1500pcs per hour. So it has the advantages of low investment and high return. Our one-side egg tray machine is suitable for the industries of poultry farming, stock farming, agricultural, carton production, press and paper making etc. With the help of one-side egg tray machine, we can easily produce egg tray, egg carton, fruits tray, bottle tray, shoe stretcher, and so on. And we can produce different customized egg tray machines according to customers special requirements.

We own kinds of egg tray machines according to different capacities and other factors. Among all of these models, 1-side egg tray machine is one of the most popular equipment to make egg tray. It is a kind of small scale egg tray making machine. If your budget is not so big, or you don’t have enough money at the moment, you can try this 1-side egg tray machine. It’s easy to put into the industry with a little money, but can return high profits. 

Now that one-side egg tray machine belongs to the small egg tray machine, so after making the final products of egg trays, it is proper to dry them in the way of the natural drying. Of course, if you are willing to put into more investment, we can also offer brick drying room or civil engineering drying as well as metal drying line with a conveyor belt. But for brick drying room, it needs workers to push the carts which the wet egg trays are put on in and pull them out of the drying room, while civil engineering drying and metal drying are automatic. So they are also suitable for semi-automatic and full-automatic egg tray machine.

ZMDTF 3×1 egg tray machine

DTF 3×1 egg tray machine

ZMDTF 4×1 egg tray machine

DTF 4×1 egg tray machine

drying egg tray under the sun

Specification of one-side egg tray machine

ModelsOutput (pieces/hour)Power (kw)Mould Quantity
DTF 3×110002.23
DTF 4×115002.24

Working principle of one-side egg tray machine

Put the raw materials mainly refers to waste paper into pulping machine, and then put water to the slurry storage tank. The pulp of the slurry storage tank is evenly conveyed to the slurry supply tank by the mixer, and the pulp of the slurry supply tank is stirred to a certain concentration and sent to the molding machine, generally means egg tray machine, and the molding machine produces the egg trays. Then the egg trays are passed to the drying machine through the conveyor belt, after the egg tray is dried, and finally the tray is received and packaged. In addition, the vacuum pump can pump the unused water inside the molding machine to the pool, and the return tank can transfer water to the pulper and the storage tank, so that the water can be recycled.

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