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12-side Egg Tray Machine

5000-6000pcs egg tray machine
  • Model: DT 5×12, DT 6×8
  • Output: 5000-6000pcs/h
  • Power: 11kw
  • Mould quantity: 60
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12-side egg tray machine introduction

Egg tray machine is used to produce raw materials often refer to waste paper into paper packaging products, like egg trays, egg cartons, fruit trays, nursery trays, shoe stretcher, bottle trays and so on. AGICO offers various kinds of egg tray making machines with different capacities and designs. Among all the different paper pulp molding equipment, 12-side egg tray machine is one of the most popular machines which is widely used in the massive production because there are 12 sides of forming molds that can produce a large number of egg trays at a time.

12-side egg tray machine adopts the most advanced technology and the output is very high and hourly production can reach up to 6000pcs, obviously, 12-side egg tray machine is suitable for the large and professional enterprises and usually used in automatic egg tray production line.

molding product
egg tray production process
egg tray production line in India

Raw Materials of AGICO Egg Tray Machine

There are different kinds of raw materials can be used to produce paper packaging products, and all these raw materials used by 12 side egg tray machine are environmental friendly, Biodegradable materials are processed to make the egg trays hard enough and 100% biodegradable and recyclable. Last but not least, the raw materials contain waste paper, Ready-made plant fiber pulp and paper pulp, waste books and periodicals from publishing house, waste newspapers and paper boxes, old magazines, waste cartons……

raw materials of egg tray machine

Working Process of 12 Side Egg Tray Machine

egg tray production line

Features of AGICO egg tray machine

Various models with different sizes and configurations

AGICO offers 1-side, 4-side, and 8-side egg tray machines besides 12-side for sale. Customers can choose the most suitable machine according to the special requirements, because the introduction capacity ranges from 1000 to 6000pcs per hour. For different models, there are different drying and packing systems, our paper molding machine can make apple trays, bottle trays, shoe trays, and so on.

Low energy consumption and reasonable price

Our egg tray machine can produce more final products with the same energy consumption compared with other companies’ machines, which is because we adopt the most advanced power system to fully utilize energy. We also pay attention to the problem of pollution, and we recycle the waste water and fuel during the process, so our egg tray machine is eco-friendly and powerful.

Long lifespan with low maintenance requirements

Our egg tray machine has long lifespan not only because we always adopt durable materials for the spare parts of our equipment, but also we devote to optimizing the vital parts of the whole egg tray machine. So our egg tray machine is hardly ever need to maintain. What’s more, due to the high stability and delicate design of egg tray molds, the failure rate is extremely lowered. Even more important, we have one year guarantee for free. we cooperate on the basis of equality and mutual benefit with partners from abroad. After a long time, you will find it’s wise for you to choose us!

Easy installation, removal and inspection

On one hand, for our egg tray production line, each part is independent and plays different roles, thus the manufacturing process is clear and easy to control. On the other hand, each egg tray machine has different molds which can make different paper molding products. It is easy to change the molds if you have the needs of various pulp molding products with a multifunctional paper tray making machine. So it is cost-effective.

Drying system for 12-side egg tray machine

civil engineering drying
Civil engineering drying system
Multilayer metal drying
Multilayer metal drying
Single layer metal drying
Single layer metal drying

Cost analysis of 6*8-7000 egg tray production line with Multilayer metal Drying method

The following cost analysis, considering the site customer-owned. Only raw material consumption costs are accounted: daily working time of egg tray machine is 16 hours, 26 working days per month, 85 grams per egg tray, water is recycled in the actual production. Natural gas as fuel.

Unit price 
(based on Chinese price)
Input cost /h
Waste paper510kg/h$0.25/kg$127.50
Fuel(natural gas)100m3/h$0.46/m3$46.00
Labor6 people/shift$1.43/h/person$8.58
Output cost /h
Egg trays6000pcs/h$0.05/pcs$300
Daily profit$1,577
Monthly profit$40,998
Annual profit(12 months)$491,972
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