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4-side Egg Tray Machine

  • Model: DT 3×4, 4×4
  • Output: 1800-2500pcs/h
  • Power: 3kw
  • Mould quantity: 12, 16
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4-side egg tray machine introduction

Just like 1-side egg tray machine, 4-side egg tray machine is one of the egg tray machines which is used to process waste paper into egg tray or some other paper molding products like egg carton, fruits tray, bottle tray, shoe stretcher, and so on. 4-side egg tray machine is applied to the industries of animal husbandry, agriculture, poultry or livestock breeding, carton-making industry, painting and paper-making etc. 

2200-2500pcs 4-side egg tray machine
1800-2300pcs 4-side egg tray machine

Application of Manual Egg Tray Machine

As one of the most popular egg tray making machine, 4-side egg tray machine is widely used in hatchery, chicken farm, supermarkets, egg sales market, civil use, food factories and so on. AGICO is a professional egg tray machine manufacturer in China. We export our egg tray machine with designing and producing all kinds of pulp molding equipment to many countries, and our products are admired worldwide with advanced technology and high quality.

manual egg tray machine
manual egg tray machine

AGICO 4-side egg tray machine can belong to small egg tray machine, usually the production capacity ranges from 1800pcs/h to 2500pcs/h, with the power of 3kw. There are two models of 4-side egg tray machine DT3×4 and DT4×4, We can also customize the special machine according to customers’personalized requirements.

3*4 egg tray making machine
DT 3×4 egg tray machine
4-side egg tray machine
DT 4×4 egg tray machine
4*3 egg tray machine
DT 3×4 egg tray machine
DT 4×4 egg tray machine

4-side egg tray machine has the advantages of low investment, high yield and reasonable price, perfect service and so on. So more and more people begin to involve in this industry. AGICO has exported and manufactured egg tray machine for more than 20 years, thanks to the mature technology and professional design, our egg tray machine has been famous among the customers. We have exported our egg tray machine to many countries, such as India,South Africa, Philippines, Indonesia and so on.

Specifications of 4-side egg tray machine

ModelsOutput (pieces/hour)Power (kw)Mould Quantity
DT 3×41800-2300312
DT 4×42200-2500316

Drying systems for 4-side egg tray machine

Generally speaking, there are different kinds of drying systems for 4-side egg tray machine because of the scale of it. You can choose natural drying if you have enough space and nice weather conditions, which can lower the investment. While if you want a more efficient result, a civil engineering drying line is proper. Relatively speaking, a brick drying room is the most cost-effective. Nonetheless, not every one has bricks, in this condition, a metal drying room can be suitable, which can make full use of space and energy.

Drying system for egg tray machine
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