8-side Egg Tray Machine

3500-4500pcs egg tray machine

8-side egg tray machine introduction

Just as the name implies, 8-side egg tray machine has eight sides, each side has 3, 4 or 5 moulds, it is the rotary drum egg tray machine. The capacity of 8-side egg tray machine is from 3000pcs/h to 5000pcs/h. So 8-side egg tray machine is usually used in the egg tray production line. It has the advantages of low moisture content, large capacity, easy operation, high quality and proper price.

3×8 egg tray machine

DT 3×8 egg tray machine

4×8 egg tray machine

DT 4×8 egg tray machine

5×8 egg tray machine

DT 5×8 egg tray machine

Features of 8-side egg tray machine

  • Bearings are all adopting high quality Harbin bearing, some important parts adopt NSK bearing from Japan.
  • Molds, stock tank and inner pipes are all 304 stainless steel materials.
  • The vacuum draw water equipment adopts more than 30mm copper material in order to resist wear.
  • All the outside of the equipment is in accordance with the international standards of the steel.

Structure of 8-side rotary drum egg tray machine

structure of 8-side egg tray machine

8-side rotary drum egg tray machine specifications

ModelsOutput (pieces/hour)Power (kw)Mould Quantity
DT 3×83000-4000324
DT 4×83500-4500332
DT 5×84000-5000440

Working principle of 8-side egg tray machine

Put the raw materials mainly refers to waste paper into pulping machine, and then put water to the slurry storage tank. The pulp of the slurry storage tank is evenly conveyed to the slurry supply tank by the mixer, and the pulp of the slurry supply tank is stirred to a certain concentration and sent to the molding machine, generally means egg tray machine, and the molding machine produces the egg trays. Then the egg trays are passed to the drying machine through the conveyor belt, after the egg tray is dried, and finally the tray is received and packaged. In addition, the vacuum pump can pump the unused water inside the molding machine to the pool, and the return tank can transfer water to the pulper and the storage tank, so that the water can be recycled.

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