Egg Tray Production Line(By Output)

Our egg tray production line contains different types according to the output. We offer 1000pcs/h egg tray production line to 6000pcs/h with different drying methods. Customers can choose the most proper egg tray production line according to the real situation. 

Generally speaking, if you have a low investment, and you can dry the final products by sunshine, our egg tray production line lower 3000pcs/h is more suitable to you. If the investment is high, any egg tray production line is ok. Just according to your factory areas or your drying methods.

full automatic production line

Specifications of egg tray production line by output

Production line modelsOutput (p/h)Pulping machineEgg tray machineDrying type
Natural dryingCivil engineeringSingle layer metalMultilayer metal
ZMDT3×1-10001000ZDS1(1m³)DTF3×1(3 moulds)
ZMDT4×1-15001500ZDS1(1m³)DTF4×1(4 moulds)
ZMDT3×4-20002000ZDS1(1m³)DT3×4(12 moulds)
ZMDT4×4-25002500ZDS2(2m³)DT4×4(16 moulds)
ZMDT3×8-30003000ZDS2(2m³)DT3×8(24 moulds) 
ZMDT4×8-40004000ZDS4(4m³)DT4×8(32 moulds) 
ZMDT5×8-50005000ZDS4(4m³)DT5×8(40 moulds) 
ZMDT5×12-60006000ZDS8(8m³)DT5×12(60 moulds) 

Consumption table of egg tray production line

ModelsDrying typeMaterial(kg/h)Power(kw/h)Fuel(kg/h)
ZMDT3×1-1000Natural drying8525523.6    
ZMDT3×1-1000TCivil engineering36.15022-3218-2818-28
ZMDT3×1-1000J1Single layer metal36.1 22-3218-2818-28
ZMDT3×1-1000J6Multilayer metal36.1 22-3218-2818-28
ZMDT4×1-1500Natural drying10230627.3    
ZMDT4×1-1500TCivil engineering38.66026-3622-3222-32
ZMDT4×1-1500J1Single layer metal38.6 26-3622-3222-32
ZMDT4×1-1500J6Multilayer metal38.6 26-3622-3222-32
ZMDT3×4-2000Natural drying17051032.6    
ZMDT3×4-2000TCivil engineering45.38337-4730-4030-40
ZMDT3×4-2000J1Single layer metal45.3 37-4730-4030-40
ZMDT3×4-2000J6Multilayer metal45.3 37-4730-4030-40
ZMDT4×4-2500Natural drying21263634.2    
ZMDT4×4-2500TCivil engineering46.810446-5638-4838-48
ZMDT4×4-2500J1Single layer metal46.8 46-5638-4838-48
ZMDT4×4-2500J6Multilayer metal46.8 46-5638-4838-48
ZMDT3×8-3000TCivil engineering25576588.912556-6646-5646-56
ZMDT3×8-3000J1Single layer metal88.9 56-6646-5646-56
ZMDT3×8-3000J6Multilayer metal88.9 56-6646-5646-56
ZMDT4×8-4000TCivil engineering34010209116067-7755-6555-65
ZMDT4×8-4000J1Single layer metal91 67-7755-6555-65
ZMDT4×8-4000J6Multilayer metal91 67-7755-6555-65
ZMDT5×8-5000TCivil engineering424127210018582-9267-7767-77
ZMDT5×8-5000J1Single layer metal100 82-9267-7767-77
ZMDT5×8-5000J6Multilayer metal100 82-9267-7767-77
ZMDT5×12-6000TCivil engineering510153010520892-10377-8777-87
ZMDT5×12-6000J1Single layer metal105 92-10377-8777-87
ZMDT5×12-6000J6Multilayer metal105 92-10377-8777-87

Notes: 1. The above data is calculated according to the weight of each egg tray of 100g. 2. The above data is calculated as pure pulp without adding stone powder. If 20-30% stone powder is added, the actual consumption of paper is 70-80% of the above data. Contact us for more details.