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Egg Tray Production Line(By Automation)

AGICO has different kinds of egg tray machine for sale. Besides the egg tray machine, our egg tray production line is also quite popular, it is most suitable for the large industry and manufacturers who have large investment. According to different drying methods and different configuration of egg tray production line,  we have established a complete and flexible egg tray production line with different automation levels. Namely, semi-automatic egg tray machine and full-automatic egg tray machine.

Various paper molding products

paper molding products

Features of AGICO egg tray production line

  • There are four main procedures of the egg tray production line, respectively are pulping, molding, drying and packing. Customers can choose the most proper system according the real requirements.
  • AGICO egg tray making line is generally used to process waste paper into valuable paper molding products and pack them in stacks, it contains the whole steps of making egg trays, and because of the high efficiency and fewer labor, more and more people begin to take up this industry.
  • Due to high quality and good reputation, our egg tray production line has exported to more than 20 countries. We offer custom and exclusive equipment for each customer to make the profit maximization.
  • We offer one-stop service from designing to installing paper molding machines, our experienced staff will help you to install egg tray machines on site, and we can solve your any questions on time with our 24/7 service. 
egg tray production line
egg tray production line

Production flow chart

egg tray production line

Specifications of egg tray production line by output

Production line models Output (p/h) Pulping machine Egg tray machine Drying type
Natural drying Civil engineering Single layer metal Multilayer metal
ZMDT3×1-1000 1000 ZDS1(1m³) DTF3×1(3 moulds)
ZMDT4×1-1500 1500 ZDS1(1m³) DTF4×1(4 moulds)
ZMDT3×4-2000 2000 ZDS1(1m³) DT3×4(12 moulds)
ZMDT4×4-2500 2500 ZDS2(2m³) DT4×4(16 moulds)
ZMDT3×8-3000 3000 ZDS2(2m³) DT3×8(24 moulds)  
ZMDT4×8-4000 4000 ZDS4(4m³) DT4×8(32 moulds)  
ZMDT5×8-5000 5000 ZDS4(4m³) DT5×8(40 moulds)  
ZMDT5×12-6000 6000 ZDS8(8m³) DT5×12(60 moulds)  

Consumption table of egg tray production line

Models Drying type Material(kg/h) Power(kw/h) Fuel(kg/h)
Paper Water Coal Gas(m³/h) Diesel LPG
ZMDT3×1-1000 Natural drying 85 255 23.1        
ZMDT3×1-1000T Civil engineering 36.1 50 22-32 18-28 18-28
ZMDT3×1-1000J1 Single layer metal 36.1   22-32 18-28 18-28
ZMDT3×1-1000J6 Multilayer metal 36.1   22-32 18-28 18-28
ZMDT4×1-1500 Natural drying 102 306 24.5        
ZMDT4×1-1500T Civil engineering 42.7 60 26-36 22-32 22-32
ZMDT4×1-1500J1 Single layer metal 42.7   26-36 22-32 22-32
ZMDT4×1-1500J6 Multilayer metal 42.7   26-36 22-32 22-32
ZMDT3×4-2000 Natural drying 170 510 36.8        
ZMDT3×4-2000T Civil engineering 52.1 83 37-47 30-40 30-40
ZMDT3×4-2000J1 Single layer metal 52.1   37-47 30-40 30-40
ZMDT3×4-2000J6 Multilayer metal 52.1   37-47 30-40 30-40
ZMDT4×4-2500 Natural drying 212 636 34.1        
ZMDT4×4-2500T Civil engineering 57.4 104 46-56 38-48 38-48
ZMDT4×4-2500J1 Single layer metal 57.4   46-56 38-48 38-48
ZMDT4×4-2500J6 Multilayer metal 57.4   46-56 38-48 38-48
ZMDT3×8-3000T Civil engineering 255 765 88.9 125 56-66 46-56 46-56
ZMDT3×8-3000J1 Single layer metal 88.9   56-66 46-56 46-56
ZMDT3×8-3000J6 Multilayer metal 88.9   56-66 46-56 46-56
ZMDT4×8-4000T Civil engineering 340 1020 88.9 160 67-77 55-65 55-65
ZMDT4×8-4000J1 Single layer metal 100.8   67-77 55-65 55-65
ZMDT4×8-4000J6 Multilayer metal 100.8   67-77 55-65 55-65
ZMDT5×8-5000T Civil engineering 424 1272 112.7 185 82-92 67-77 67-77
ZMDT5×8-5000J1 Single layer metal 123.9   82-92 67-77 67-77
ZMDT5×8-5000J6 Multilayer metal 123.9   82-92 67-77 67-77
ZMDT5×12-6000T Civil engineering 510 1530 123.9 208 92-103 77-87 77-87
ZMDT5×12-6000J1 Single layer metal 123.9   92-103 77-87 77-87
ZMDT5×12-6000J6 Multilayer metal 123.9   92-103 77-87 77-87

Notes: 1. The above data is calculated according to the weight of each egg tray of 100g. 2. The above data is calculated as pure pulp without adding stone powder. If 20-30% stone powder is added, the actual consumption of paper is 70-80% of the above data. Contact us for more details.

Main equipment of AGICO egg tray production line

Pulping equipment

Molding equipment

This is the most important procedure of the whole egg tray production line, so the egg tray machine is the core part among the equipment. With the help of the egg tray machine, waste paper can be made into egg trays. Besides egg tray machine, there are some auxiliary equipment contains vacuum pump, vacuum negative pressure device, screw air compressor, gas storage tank, water outlet,  silencer and mould cleaning machine.

egg tray making machine of molding
vacuum pump
gas storage tank of egg tray machine
mould cleaning machine of egg tray machine

Different egg tray production line

According to different output and equipment, AGICO offers mainly three kinds of egg tray production line. Manual egg tray machine mainly refers to the line contains pulping and molding, we offer equipment to make raw materials into pulp, then our egg tray machine can process pulp into final paper molding products with different molds. This is suitable for the place where the weather is fine, so there is rich sunshine for drying the final products without any equipment, which can save money and just need less investment. 

Another is semi-automatic egg tray production line, this line has the same equipment to the manual egg tray machine about pulping and molding, the difference is after molding, there needs a room for drying egg trays, we can offer machine and equipment used in the room, but the room needs customers to prepare. You can make the room warm enough with coal, natural gas, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas and electricity, then with the help of a cart, put the molding products into the room and dry them. 

The last and most important line is full-automatic egg tray production line. This is the most popular one. It is suitable for almost every customer who is interested in this industry. No matter how much do you want to invest, full-automatic egg tray production line can meet the requirements, the output ranges from 1000pcs to 6000pcs, contains 1500pcs, 2000pcs, 2500pcs, 3000pcs, 4000pcs, 5000pcs, just tell us your needs, our professional staff will design the most proper line for you, from pulping, molding, drying to packing, we offer one-stop service. There are mainly three drying methods, civil engineering drying, single layer metal drying and multilayer metal drying. Different output can choose different drying methods.

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