1. Q: What’s the raw material of egg tray production line?
     A: Raw material of egg tray production line is mainly waste paper like old newspaper, books, magazines, corrugated paper, etc.

2. Q: What type of the pulp molding products can be produced by pulp molding machine?
     A: The egg tray equipment can produce egg tray, egg carton, fruit tray, seeding tray, shoe stretcher, cup holder and other pulp industrial packages. The only thing is to change the different molds.

3. Q: What can you buy from us?
     A: We produce
(1) Different capacity pulp molding production line from 500pcs/hr to 8000pcs/hr to produce different kind of pulp molding products like egg tray, egg carton, fruit tray, shoe stretcher and etc.
(2) Various pulp moulds: such as egg box/carton moulds, fruit tray moulds, seeding tray moulds, shoe stretcher moulds.
(3) Various pulp molding products: egg tray, egg box, fruits tray, cup holder, shoe insert…

4. Q: What kind of fuel can be used for the whole production line?
     A: Generally coal, natural gas, diesel oil, LPG ,ect. can be selectable. This is according to different drying methods.

5. Q: What capacity per hour do you offer?
     A: The main molding machines’ capacity is from 500pcs/h to 8000 pcs/h.

6. Q: How much area does it need for capacity 1000pcs/hr with natural drying?
     A: We suggest the drying area about 500 sq.m.

7. Q: What is the lead time for production? What about your standard delivery date?
     A: Different egg tray production line needs different time, generally it takes 30~60 days, If mould needs to be customized, the time will need more. Negotiable for urgent orders.

8. Q: Can I customize this kind of product from your factory?
     A: Yes, we offer customize service to our customers, you need to provide us some samples, or product pictures, dimensions, drawing etc.

9. Q: What should we prepare except material?
     A: You should prepare a land or workshop for building water pool, electric line, drying system, etc. We can support workshop layout drawing by free.

10. Q: Do you provide installation service?
     A: Yes, our factory provide installation and training support.

11. Q: Does paper need to be clean?
     A: No, it doesn’t. The material of egg tray production is waste paper, it is no need to clean.

12. Q: Does the water need filtration?
     A: No, it doesn’t. The water doesn’t need to do any treatment.


faq about egg tray production line