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1. Q: What’s the raw material of egg tray production line?
     A: Raw material of egg tray production line is mainly waste paper like old newspaper, books, magazines, corrugated paper, etc.

2. Q: What type of the pulp molding products can be produced by pulp molding machine?
     A: The egg tray equipment can produce egg tray, egg carton, fruit tray, seeding tray, shoe stretcher, cup holder and other pulp industrial packages. The only thing is to change the different molds.

3. Q: What can you buy from us?
     A: We produce
(1) Different capacity pulp molding production line from 500pcs/hr to 8000pcs/hr to produce different kind of pulp molding products like egg tray, egg carton, fruit tray, shoe stretcher and etc.
(2) Various pulp moulds: such as egg box/carton moulds, fruit tray moulds, seeding tray moulds, shoe stretcher moulds.
(3) Various pulp molding products: egg tray, egg box, fruits tray, cup holder, shoe insert…

4. Q: What kind of fuel can be used for the whole production line?
     A: Generally coal, natural gas, diesel oil, LPG ,ect. can be selectable. This is according to different drying methods.

5. Q: What capacity per hour do you offer?
     A: The main molding machines’ capacity is from 500pcs/h to 8000 pcs/h.

6. Q: How much area does it need for capacity 1000pcs/hr with natural drying?
     A: We suggest the drying area about 500 sq.m.

7. Q: What is the lead time for production? What about your standard delivery date?
     A: Different egg tray production line needs different time, generally it takes 30~60 days, If mould needs to be customized, the time will need more. Negotiable for urgent orders.

8. Q: Can I customize this kind of product from your factory?
     A: Yes, we offer customize service to our customers, you need to provide us some samples, or product pictures, dimensions, drawing etc.

9. Q: What should we prepare except material?
     A: You should prepare a land or workshop for building water pool, electric line, drying system, etc. We can support workshop layout drawing by free.

10. Q: Do you provide installation service?
     A: Yes, our factory provide installation and training support.

11. Q: Does paper need to be clean?
     A: No, it doesn’t. The material of egg tray production is waste paper, it is no need to clean.

12. Q: Does the water need filtration?
     A: No, it doesn’t. The water doesn’t need to do any treatment.

Questions and answers about service

Q: How to choose an ideal egg tray making machine or production line?

A: Forming machine is up to your daily capacity, and local weather will decide the drying method.

Q:  How long will it take after the order is placed?

A: Generally 15-25 working days; it will be longer if molds need to be customized.

Q: How to choose the right mold?

A: For egg trays, several ready-made molds at the factory will cover normal sized eggs; beyond that, it will need to be customized based on your samples.

Q: Beside Egg trays, what other products can paper molded line produce?

A: The paper molded line can also produce egg cartons, cup holders, apple trays, industrial packages ect according to different molds.

Q: Can the machine produce egg trays with different colors?

A: Yes, just add different pigments in the slurry tank.

Q: How long will it take for installation?

A: No drying system: 15-25  days; With drying system ( brick or metal): 30-40 days;

Q: will the technicians go abroad to help on site and train workers?

A: Yes, professional engineers will help the installation on site and train local workers.

Q: How do you transport the metal drying tunnel?

A: For metal drying tunnel, it can be transported in their entirety for the benefit of installation or disassembled to save on freight.

Q: How much expense required for full set up?

A: There are three parts: 1. Cost of the machine; 2 Shipping cost and import charges; 3. Installation Charge On site( we provide free on line guidance).

Q:How to maintain the egg tray molds?

 1. keep the mold clean when not  in use.

    2. Check the vulnerable parts of molds and replace in time.

    3. No additives unless necessary incase chemical ingredients corrode the molds.

faq about egg tray production line

Questions and answers about paper molding products

1. Does the agriculture residue like straw, bagasse could be use as the material?

No, the material of egg tray production need have long fibre. The original straw, bagasse only can be use after special treatment and make them turn into pulp. The original straw, bagasse can not used as material directly for producing the paper pulp production.

2. How to make sure you choose the correct egg tray mold?

  • If customer could send samples, it will be perfect. We’ll find the similar molds as sample size and shape, or make as sample by paying.
  • If sample not convenience, please measure your trays and provide the below data:
outer size of egg trays

Out size of egg trays (length and width)

depth of cavity

Depth of cavity

cavity length and diagonally

Cavity Length and diagonally

We could find the similar molds for your choice. In certain, as the size of finished tray not influence only by molds and other factors, the molds need final confirm with drawing.

Questions and answers about molds

Q: What is your production lead time?

Generally, depending on your custom requirements and specific process, a complete set of molds takes about 15-60 days.

Q: What kind of molds do you produce?

We produce all kinds of batter making molds, such as egg tray molds, egg carton molds, fruit tray molds, coffee tray molds, wine tray molds, industrial molds, etc.  

Q: How should I choose the model?

  1. You can tell us your requirements for choosing our existing models or new design molds. Just 30 holes egg tray pulp moulds, we have more than 100 types.
  2. Or you can send us the pulp products (e.g. egg tray/egg carton) and we can design the mold.

About samples

Before you order the molds, if you need samples, the samples are free of charge; except that after the molds are finished, we also make some samples for your confirmation. You only pay the shipping cost.

Q: How to install the molds?

We have professional technicians to guide to help you install.

Q: How much is your payment?

After confirming PI, you need to pay 30% T/T deposit to start production, 70% balance before shipping.

cavity length and diagonally

Out size of egg trays

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