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egg tray machine

Factors Affecting the Price of Egg Tray Machine

What affects the price of the egg tray machine Many customers usually directly ask the price of the egg tray machine, but the salesperson usually does not give the price directly, but asks the customer some questions, because …

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How to Design Pulp Molded Products

Design of pulp molded products The design of pulp molded products actually includes the structural design of the pulp mold itself and the design of the processing mold, and the two are interdependent and related. Often the two …

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Issues about Installing Multi Layer Metal Drying System

At present, more and more large-volume egg tray equipment customers, especially those with output of more than 4,000 pieces per hour, choose the drying method of multi-layer metal drying. For the selection of drying methods, installation and debugging, …

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paper molding product

Why Choose Molded Pulp Packaging?

In everyday life, molded pulp packaging is used in many ways. Cookware, coffee mugs, eggs or electronics require specific moulded fibre packaging. The material of the moulded pulp packaging has the following advantages, for example, it is lightweight, …

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dry and wet egg trays

Comparison of Characteristics of Pulp Molding and Plastic Packaging

According to statistics, 42% of plastics are used in packaging worldwide, and most of them are only used for single-use packaging. Therefore, the problems caused by plastic pollution in the ecosystem are long-term. The recycling rate of plastic …

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Issues about AGICO Egg Tray Production Line

Pulp moulding production line is also known as egg tray production line for using massively in producing egg trays. This type egg tray machine is suitable for medium or large scale production plant. It can produce egg cartons, egg …

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agico service process

AGICO Offers the Most Wonderful Service

AGICO offers the most wonderful service from the beginning of requirement to the final debuging, our customers can contact us whenever you have any questions, we offer one-stop perchasing service like the picture below. I Pre-sales ( pre-order) …

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whole set of egg tray equipment

Egg Tray Pulping and Forming Machine

Pulp molded paper products are typical green products, environmental protection and reusable, is the ideal alternative to traditional foamed polystyrene, can effectively ease the white pollution problem, so pulp molded products are very popular. Egg tray pulping and …

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2000p egg tray equipment

ZMDT3*4 Egg Tray Equipment for Nepalese Customers was Debugged

The ZMDT-2000pcs/h type egg tray equipment ordered by Nepalese customer from our company was successfully put into production at the end of August. After detailed communication of our company’s professional and technical personnel, such as online installation, equipment …

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6000pcs/h egg tray production line

Features of a Good Quality Egg Tray Machine

First of all, the main body of the egg tray machine must be stable and firm. The best way is to use laser cutting to minimize the error of spare parts. Due to the small error of the …

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