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Promising Prospect of Apple Tray Making Machine

What is Apple Tray Making Machine?

Apple tray making machine is a kind of fruit tray making machine that is used to make paper apple trays. During long transportation, apple trays can save storage space and protect apples from collision. Paper apple trays are becoming preferred choice for packing apples. Therefore, manufacturing apple trays project can bring you great benefits absolutely.

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Gigantic Apple Market Creates a Broad Prospect for Apple Tray Making Machine

According to the statistics released by IndexBox, the global apple market reached US$78 billion in 2019, and the number is expected to retain growth. The global sales from apples imported and exported were worth a total US$14.8 billion in 2020, which unveil a large potential market of apple tray making machine. If you are not satisfied with only apple market, don’t worry, this apple tray making machine can fulfill your different acquirement.

By implementing different mould, you can use the apple tray making machine to make various kind of fruit tray, egg tray and coffee cup tray, etc.

Under these circumstances, the idea of purchasing an apple tray making machine turns to be a no-regret option for apple plantation business, paper factory, carton production company and individual startups. 

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Advantages of Apple Fruit Tray Making Machine

Nowadays, paper pulp moulded product is becoming a kind of main packaging material. More and more people begin to buy fruit tray making machine to make apple trays. Among egg tray machine manufacturers, Agico has several years’ egg tray machine manufacturing experience, here is some advantages of our egg tray machine:
Multi-purpose Machine:
Our egg tray machine is a kind of multi-purpose machine. It is able to produce different final paper pulping molded products with different moulds. By changing the molds of egg tray machines, it can make different kinds of paper molded trays, such as egg trays, egg cartons, coffee cup trays, apple trays, bottle trays and shoe stretcher.
    1. Cheap raw materials. Waste paper is cheap and can be obtained easily.
    2. Energy saving. The machine saves energy through improving heat absorption to ensure there is no heat going into waste.
    3. Low maintenance. Apple tray machine requires low maintenance. It can surely give manufacturers great returns.

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Serious Environmental Problems Need a Sustainable Solution

Throughout the history and around world, the traditional ways of containing fruit during transportation, such as plastic, PVC, PET, foams have conducted harmful effect on the environment. Many countries have issued strict prohibition such as Plastic Ban and so on. Therefore, degradable paper apple tray making machine is an irresistible trend.

On the contrary, our apple tray making machine uses waste paper as its raw material, and the product is able to realize recycling production and reduce cost and loss. Thus, our customers are no need to worry about the strict and complex prohibitions.

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