Pulp Molding Machine

Pulp Molding Machine Introduction

Just like egg tray machine, pulping molding machine is used to produce different paper molding products, such as paper egg tray, fruit tray, paper molded egg carton, paper shoe stretcher, car wheel hub packing, coffee trays, seed trays, etc. Thanks to the use of paper pulp molding machine, it recycles waste and reduces pollution. We knows that most egg trays are made from waste paper, and pulp molding equipment integrates these wastes, reducing resources waste, while also protecting the environment, in line with the current people’s concept of life. This equipment can change the molds to produce different pulp molded products. Our company can customize different pulp molding machines according to customers’ needs.

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Molds of paper pulp molding machine

Pulp mold design is an important business of AGICO. We have our own design department, model workshop, casting workshop, CNC machining workshop and fitter assembly workshop. All products are designed by computer, CNC machining, have the features of high precision and good effect. From structural design of the pulp molds to processing, assembly and commissioning are all completed within our company.  We can customize special pulp molds according to customers’design and style.

AGICO pulp molding machine has features of high quality, advanced technology, excellent raw materials, high output, reasonable price and excellent after-sale service and so on. So up to now, our pulp molding machine has been installed in more than 20 countries, like Indian, Tanzanian, Philippine, Algerian, Egypt, Senegalese, Syrian, Uganda and Ivorian, Brazil, Venezuelan, Kazakhstan and so on. And we have received high reputation among our customers.

As long as you own one egg tray machine of our company, that means you can not only make egg tray, but also all the other pulp moulding products. What you need to do is change the molds of pulp molding machine. We have paper egg carton molds, seed tray molds, shoe tray molds, egg tray molds, etc. Customers can customize molding dies and pulp molding machines according to their own needs and requirements.

Different molds of pulp moulding machine

Here we introduce three main different pulp molding machines in our company.

Features of shoe stretcher making machine

Our company specializes in customizing various shoe stretcher with our pulp molding equipment. At present, paper shoe stretcher on the market has completely replaced foam. Paper shoe stretcher making machine has the following advantages:

  • The raw material is waste paper, so it is easy to get.
  • Shoe stretcher belongs to the environmental protection industry supported by the state. So at present, the market prospect of paper shoe stretcher making machine is very broad.
  • We have a variety of different pulp molding machine, fully meet the needs of any output of the user, the output can be from 1000 to 6000pcs per hour.
  • Quick return with less investment.
  • Simple technical operation and less labor.
  • There are two main pulp molding machines to choose, namely fully automatic and semi-automatic.

Features of seedling tray making machine

Seedling tray making machine is suitable for large and small scale seedlings and industrialized seedlings and widely used in field crops, cash crops; rice, wheat, corn, rapeseed, vegetables, fruit trees, gardens, lawns, flowers, traditional Chinese medicine and other technology and planting, breeding cooperatives and enterprises.

  • The product is non-toxic, non-polluting, can be completely degraded, new and efficient, stable fertilizer effect and long-term slow-release.
  • Wide range of raw materials. Widely used.
  • Reduce pests and diseases, and suppress weeds.
  • Saving about 20% to 50% of fertilizer. Reduce the number of fertilization, no fertilization in the middle and later stages can reduce labor costs by more than 30% -60%.
  • Save the amount of seeds, seedlings, strong seedlings, developed root system, reduce production costs.
  • Neat emergence, maintain the consistency of plant seedling growth.
  • Using seedling trays, there is no greening period, which can improve the crop maturity period by 15-30 days.
  • It can be used with various manual and automatic seeders to facilitate centralized management and improve work efficiency.
  • It is rich in nutrients, which is conducive to seed development, and cultivates “full root seedlings”, which do not damage roots during transplanting, and the survival rate is close to 100%.
seedling tray machine

Features of fruit tray making machine

With the country’s support for the pulp molding industry, pulp molding equipment has become more widely used. This equipment can be used not only in egg tray equipment, but also for fruit tray.

Only one mold needs to be replaced to achieve multiple functions . Therefore, the pulp molding equipment currently has good development prospects.

Our company specializes in customizing various fruit tray making machine. At present, paper fruit trays on the market have completely replaced plastic fruit trays. Paper fruit tray equipment has the following advantages:

The raw material is waste paper.
Fruit tray equipment belongs to the environmental protection industry supported by the state, and the market prospect is broad.
A variety of different equipment, fully meet the user’s demand for any output, the output can be from 1000-6000pcs/h.
Quick return with less investment.
Simple technical operation and less labor.
Full automatic drying line can be chosen, what more, civil drying and metal steel drying are suitable.

fruit tray