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Pulp Molding Machine Introduction

Just like egg tray machine, pulping molding machine is used to produce different paper molding products, such as paper egg tray, fruit tray, paper molded egg carton, paper shoe stretcher, car wheel hub packing, coffee trays, seed trays, etc. Thanks to the use of paper pulp molding machine, it recycles waste and reduces pollution. We knows that most egg trays are made from waste paper, and pulp molding equipment integrates these wastes, reducing resources waste, while also protecting the environment, in line with the current people’s concept of life. This equipment can change the molds to produce different pulp molded products. Our company can customize different pulp molding machines according to customers’ needs.

paper molding products

Molds of paper pulp molding machine

agico paper pulping products

Pulp mold design is an important business of AGICO. We have our own design department, model workshop, casting workshop, CNC machining workshop and fitter assembly workshop. All products are designed by computer, CNC machining, have the features of high precision and good effect. From structural design of the pulp molds to processing, assembly and commissioning are all completed within our company.  We can customize special pulp molds according to customers’design and style.

AGICO pulp molding machine has features of high quality, advanced technology, excellent raw materials, high output, reasonable price and excellent after-sale service and so on. So up to now, our pulp molding machine has been installed in more than 20 countries, like Indian, Tanzanian, Philippine, Algerian, Egypt, Senegalese, Syrian, Uganda and Ivorian, Brazil, Venezuelan, Kazakhstan and so on. And we have received high reputation among our customers.

As long as you own one egg tray machine of our company, that means you can not only make egg tray, but also all the other pulp moulding products. What you need to do is change the molds of pulp molding machine. We have paper egg carton molds, seed tray molds, shoe tray molds, egg tray molds, etc. Customers can customize molding dies and pulp molding machines according to their own needs and requirements.

Different molds of pulp moulding machine

With the country’s support for the pulp molding industry, pulp molding equipment has become more widely used. This equipment can be used not only in egg tray equipment, but also for fruit tray.

Only one mold needs to be replaced to achieve multiple functions. Therefore, the pulp molding equipment currently has good development prospects.

Here we introduce four main different pulp molding machines in our company. They are egg carton making machineshoe stretcher making machineseedling tray making machine and fruit tray making machine.

Creating Precision Paper Trays with Tailor-Made Molds and Advanced Technology

Precision and accuracy are key when it comes to designing and manufacturing paper trays. With the help of advanced CAD computerized design systems and CNC mold processing equipment, creating high-quality molds for paper trays has become easier and more precise. This results in paper trays with smoother shapes and more precise dimensions, which in turn provide a better experience for clients.

Tailor-Made Molds for Customized Design

To ensure the highest level of customization for clients, tailor-made molds are also available based on specific design or parameter requirements. This enables clients to create unique paper tray designs that stand out in the market. By using tailor-made molds, clients can differentiate their paper trays from others, creating a unique brand image that sets them apart from the competition.

Stainless Mesh and Pre-Forming Technology for Better-Looking Molds

In addition to using advanced CAD and CNC mold processing equipment, stainless mesh and pre-forming technology are also utilized to make molds better-looking and improve their service life. These technologies enhance the aesthetics of paper trays, making them more visually appealing to customers. The use of stainless mesh and pre-forming technology also increases the durability of molds, ensuring they last longer and can withstand wear and tear.

Why Choose Us?

At our manufacturing company, we use the latest technology and equipment to create precision paper tray molds that are tailor-made to fit our clients’ unique design and parameter needs. Our team of experts is committed to providing the highest quality products and services to our clients. We understand the importance of creating a unique brand image, and we work closely with our clients to bring their ideas to life.

With the help of advanced CAD computerized design systems and CNC mold processing equipment, creating precision paper tray molds has never been easier. Tailor-made molds are also available to provide clients with the highest level of customization, while stainless mesh and pre-forming technology are used to make molds better-looking and more durable. By choosing our manufacturing company, clients can trust that they will receive high-quality products and services that meet their unique needs and requirements.

Plastic, Aluminum, Copper Mold

Product NameEgg tray Mold
ApplicationEgg Tray Forming Machine
Warranty12 months
Specification30 Cells
PortQingdao /Tianjin Port, China
Payment termsT/T,L/C or others
Plastic MoldLow cost ,3-5 years
Aluminum MoldCost –Effective, High Precision, better-looking, long service life: 8-10 years, can be customized
Copper MoldHigher cost, High accuracy, service life: 12-15 years,
Good wear resistance, good  anti-rust and corrosion resistance
Plastic Mold
Aluminum Mold
Copper Mold

AGICO Guidance of Mold Replacement

1.Different models have different sizes and structures, but the principle is the same.

2.This guidance takes the forming mold with a capacity of 1000-1500p/h as an example to guide the replacement sequence, please arrange professional engineers to replace according to the drawings.

3.Before replace the mold, please ensure that the forming mold electric control cabinet is powered off and the air compressor is powered on.

4.Materials such as rubber gasket and installation tools shall be prepared by yourself.

5.For easy understanding,we make different part different color, the real color subject to the equipment.

replace egg tray equipment molds
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