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Coffee Cup Tray Making Machine

coffee cup tray making machine

Coffee Cup Tray Making Machine, one of the pulp molding machines, is used to make coffee trays, which is very profitable. Paper cup trays are widely used around the world now. If you have a coffee shop or want to start paper trays business, Agico will help you get high-quality machine and one-stop service!

coffee cup tray

We provide automatic coffee tray production line, can realize automatic production, the egg tray equipment can produce various specifications of egg tray, pulp coffee cup holder, fruit tray, medical pulp tray and other pulp molding products.

coffee carton

4–cup Coffee Cup Tray

4–cup coffee cup tray is the most popular shape in the market. Coffee cup tray, or cup holder, is very convenient and durable for many kinds of drinks. They will keep coffee from spilling during transportation. You don’t have to worry about your coffee on the way! Agico Coffee cup tray will meet your demands with high quality and good-looking products!

coffee cup mold
coffee cup tray mold


Coffee Cup Tray Making Machine Specification

Model ZMDT3-1 ZMDT4-1 ZMDT3-4 ZMDT4-4 ZMDT5-8 ZMDT6-8
Capacity(PCS/H) 800-1000 1200-1500 2000 2500 5000-5500 6500-7000
Forming Molds/PCS 3 4 12 16 40 48
Total Power/kw 33 42 53.7 82 161 223
Electricity Consumption (kw/h) 23.1 29.4 37.6 57.4 113 156
Material Consumption (kg/h) Paper 85 102 170 212 1275 1560
Water 255 306 510 636 208 208
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