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Egg Carton Machine

Paper Egg Cartons Introduction

Egg carton, also named as egg box or egg crate, is a special container which is used to carry, store or transport eggs. It was said that egg carton was invented because of the argument between a local farmer and a hotel owner, the farmer’s eggs are often broken. So after many times of trial, people found egg cartons can protect the eggs from collision during transporting. Therefore, egg cartons are becoming more and more popular on the market as the demand increasing for eggs. In this condition, egg carton machine is also coming into sight, in general, the egg cartons can be put with 12 eggs, but our egg carton machine can customize varieties of sizes for customers.

egg carton
egg carton mold

Features and advantages of egg carton making machine

  • AGICO egg carton machine is with high efficiency and high quality.
  • Our egg carton machine is environmental friendly and needs low maintenance. What’s more, it is easy to operate and maintain.
  • It has long lifespan of our egg carton machine, this benefits from our advanced technology. High output and high return.
  • Our egg carton machine can meet different kinds of requirements of customers, we own various of models, and can customize special egg carton machines with different capacity.
  • AGICO egg carton machine has detachable pulp molding dies, which can produce egg carton and other paper moulding products just change the molds.
egg carton making machine

Special Requirements for Egg Carton Molds

The biggest distinguish between making egg trays and egg cartons is the pulp molding equipment. Exactly, lies in the molding dies design, it determines the shape of the final molded products, when the pulp molding machine works, just change different molds, for the egg carton machine, only use the egg carton mold is ok, so our egg carton machine is easy to operate.

3*4 egg tray making machine
egg carton
egg cartons machine
egg carton molds

Through the explain of above, we know egg carton machine is easy to operate, but for the egg carton mold, it is strict to be designed. Our designers should make sure the size of groove fit the size of eggs exactly, and an egg carton is made up of a lid and a grooving surface, so when design the egg carton mold, it is necessary to consider the size, thickness, edges and the jointed parts. Moreover, the lid is expected to fit with the bottom exactly.  

Although it is complex to design the egg carton molds, it doesn’t means our egg carton machine is difficult to operate. Thanks to our remarkable designers and prominent technicians, we have successfully solved the primary problems. What’s more, we have already created automatic egg carton production line, which is highly praised by our customers all over the world.

Mold is vital for paper molded production line, by changing different molds, our customers will manufacturer the products they need. Paper pulp molding products are widely used in the packing of food industry,too. For egg cartons, the customer can choose the right molds from our existing types or customize the mold you need based on the requirements like local packing habits or packing range.

4+4+4 Egg carton Mold

4+4+4 Egg carton Mold

6+6 Egg carton  Mold (All Aluminum)

6+6 Egg carton  Mold (All Aluminum)

6+6 & 12 PCS Egg carton  Mold (Plastic Plate and Aluminum Core)

6+6 &12 PCS Egg carton Mold(Plastic Plate and Aluminum Core)

6+6 & 12 PCS Egg carton  Mold (Plastic Plate and Aluminum Core)

6+6 &12 PCS Egg carton Mold(Plastic Plate and Aluminum Core)

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