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Fruit Tray Making Machine

What is fruit tray making machine?

Pulp molding machine equipment is widely used. The equipment can not only be used for egg tray production, but also fruit tray production.

Fruit tray making machine is used to produce fruit trays to store fruits, like apple trays, pear trays and orange trays etc. Our fruit tray making machine mainly refers to egg tray machine which can produce fruit trays used for round fruit. Like egg tray machine, fruit tray making machine needs four steps to make fruit trays, they are pulping, moulding, drying and packing. Each procedure of fruit tray making machine has its own machine, we have pulping machine, moulding machine with different molds, drying machine and packing machine. 

The pulp molded fruit tray can be molded into a tray with a fruit surface structure, which is used for the packaging of peaches, pears, citrus, apples, pineapples, tomatoes and other fruits, especially for export fruits, which can avoid collision damage between fruits, and can also distribute The breathing heat of fruit can absorb evaporated water, inhibit the concentration of ethylene, prevent the fruit from rotting and deteriorate, prolong the fresh-keeping period of the fruit, and play a role that other packaging materials can hardly play.

Fruit tray making machine mainly contains apple tray machine, which is suitable for poultry breeding, animal husbandry, agriculture, carton production, printing and paper industry. Fruit tray making machine can produce kinds of fruit trays according to different fruit tray moulds. The raw materials of fruit tray machine are waste paper, put the raw materials into paper pulping machine, then produce the pulp into fruit trays with the help of fruit tray making machine, if the output of fruit tray making machine is large, civil engineering drying and metal drying methods are suitable, otherwise, natural drying is OK. 

apple trays produced by fruit tray machine
fruit tray

Features of fruit tray making machine

Our company specializes in customizing various fruit tray making machine. At present, paper fruit trays on the market have completely replaced plastic fruit trays. It only needs to change the mold to realize one machine with multiple functions. Our company specializes in customizing all kinds of fruit tray making machine equipment. Paper fruit trays are environmentally friendly and popular. Paper fruit tray equipment has the following advantages:

  • The raw material is waste paper.
  • Fruit tray equipment belongs to the environmental protection industry supported by the state, and the market prospect is broad.
  • A variety of different equipment, fully meet the user’s demand for any output, the output can be from 1000-6000pcs/h.
  • Quick return with less investment.
  • Simple technical operation and less labor.
  • Full automatic drying line can be chosen, what’s more, civil drying and metal steel drying are suitable.
fruit tray
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