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Seedling Egg Tray Machine

Seedling egg tray making machine introduction

Seedling tray making machine is suitable for large and small scale seedlings and industrialized seedlings and widely used in field crops, cash crops, rice, wheat, corn, rapeseed, vegetables, fruit trees, gardens, lawns, flowers, traditional Chinese medicine and other technology and planting, breeding cooperatives and enterprises.

We supply seedling tray making machines with high quality and low price. You can choose the most suitable seedling tray making machine according to the real needs. We have different kinds of seedling tray making machine with various output. 

seedling tray making machine
seedling tray machine

Seedling tray making machine

seedling trays

Seedling trays

Features of seedling tray making machine

  • The product is non-toxic, non-polluting, can be completely degraded, new and efficient, stable fertilizer effect and long-term slow-release.
  • Wide range of raw materials.  Seedling trays are widely used.
  • Reduce pests and diseases, and suppress weeds with seedling trays.
  • Saving about 20% to 50% of fertilizer. Reduce the number of fertilization, no fertilization in the middle and later stages can reduce labor costs by more than 30% -60%.
  • Save the amount of seeds, seedlings, strong seedlings, developed root system, reduce production costs.
  • Neat emergence, maintain the consistency of plant seedling growth.
  • Using seedling trays, there is no greening period, which can improve the crop maturity period by 15-30 days.
  • It can be used with various manual and automatic seeders to facilitate centralized management and improve work efficiency.
  • It is rich in nutrients, which is conducive to seed development, and cultivates “full root seedlings”, which do not damage roots during transplanting, and the survival rate is close to 100%.
seedling tray machine

As the popularity of paper pulping moulded products, such as seedling trays, which not only reuse the waste raw materials, but also reduce the pollution. Paper pulping moulded products accord with the people’s conception of life at present. Paper pulping moulded machines can change the molds to produce different pulp molding products, such as fruit tray, egg tray, egg carton tray, coffee tray, industrial packaging tray, shoe support or shoe skether, etc. Our company can customize the pulp moulded machines according to the needs of users.

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