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Shoe Tray Making Machine

What is shoe tray making machine

Shoe tray making machine is used to make paper pulping products, especially the shoe strecher. Like other pulp molding machines, shoe tray making machine is friendly to the environment. The raw materials are kinds of waste paper, through pulping, forming, drying and packing, the final shoe stretcher is produced by shoe tray making machine.

shoe stretcher machine mold

Shoe stretcher making machine molds

Shoe tray making machine molds

Shoe stretcher making machine molds

Our company specializes in customizing various shoe stretcher with our shoe tray making machine. At present, paper shoe stretcher on the market has completely replaced foam. So shoe tray making machine becomes more and more popular.

shoe stretcher making machine

Advantages of shoe tray making machine

Paper shoe tray making machine has the following advantages:

  • The raw material is waste paper, so it is easy to get, and the price is low.
  • Shoe stretcher belongs to the environmental protection industry supported by the state. So at present, the market prospect of paper shoe stretcher making machine is very broad.
  • We have a variety of different pulp molding machine, fully meet the needs of any output of the user, the output can be from 1000 to 7000pcs per hour.
  • Quick return with less investment.
  • Simple technical operation and less labor.
  • There are two main pulp molding machines to choose, namely fully automatic and semi-automatic shoe tray making machine.
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