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We all know that there are four systems of making pulp moulding products. Pulp making system, moulding system, drying system and packing system. In accordance with each system, there are some important supporting machines.

The first procedure of making pulp moulding machine is to put raw materials mainly refers to various kinds of waste paper into pulping machine. Then add water to form pulp. Next, through the screen machine, the pulp is screened to thin fibre. After screening, we need to adjust the pulp consistency to a suitable toughness.

The second procedure is the most important system, moulding system or forming system. Transport the fine pulp to egg tray making machine. We offer different kinds of egg tray machines, besides, we have other molds to make egg carton, seedling tray, apple tray, bottle tray, shoe stretcher and so on. Just change mould according to your real needs. Simultaneously, the water is recycled to make pulping again, which is friendly to our environment.

The third procedure is to dry the wet pulp molding products. We have different kinds of ways for customers to choose.

The last procedure is to pack the final products, this is always suitable for the large industries, after packing, the egg trays are sent to market.

Pulping equipment

Molding equipment

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Drying system

Packing equipment

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