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Drying Machine

Three Main Egg Tray Drying Lines

After molding, the semi-finished pulp products are fetched by the transfer arm and placed on a metal tray. The chain conveyor carries the tray into the drying oven where the moisture will be evaporated by the circulated hot wind. So drying system is one of the most important procedures during the egg tray making. It is behind the molding procedure.

The final pulp moulding products are wet, so drying is necessary. Generally speaking, AGICO provides three types of dryers considering our egg tray production line, namely, civil engineering drying, single layer metal drying and multilayer metal drying. Customers can select the most suitable one according to the egg tray machine and the real situation.

If you need higher drying efficiency, full automatic egg tray dryer is your best choice. Full automatic egg tray dryer mainly refer to brick drying room with conveyor belt or called civil engineering drying and metal drying line with a conveyor belt. To save space, the metal drying room can also employ a multilevel belt. This drying system is necessary in the full-automatic egg tray production line. Generally speaking, the production capacity is more than 3000pcs/h.

Civil Engineering Drying

semi automatic drying
brick drying

This is one of the most common drying methods among the whole automatic drying line for egg tray production. That is because this is very economic. Customers need prepare some bricks to build this drying line. Then directly burning drier applies coal, gas, diesel oil, steam, heat transfer oil and so on as the heat sources. The feature of civil engineering drying is it occupies larger space with longer distance. But we can give customers detail guides about how to build it and how to save energy. Although it occupies more space, but it is cheaper then metal drying. 

brick drying is installed

During the production of pulp molded products, about 3.5-4kg of water should be removed per kilogram of paper molded products through the drying process. Therefore, drying is an important process in papermaking and pulp molding production.
To have a mention, the combustion chamber is also equipped with a thermograph, which can detect the temperature in the kiln in real time, reduce fuel waste and achieve energy-saving effect.
From the perspective of architectural mechanics, since the top has pressure on the bearing wall around the kiln body, it is best to make an insulation layer with soil or cement around the kiln body after the kiln body is built. This can not only increase the strength of the kiln body, but also keep the kiln body warm, and it is also good for increasing the service life of the brick drying machine.

civil drying
civil drying
civil drying building
civil drying building
civil drying building
whole process of civil drying

Single Layer Metal Drying

Just as the name implies, single layer metal drying is made of metal. So the invest is relatively higher than the brick drying equipment. But at the same time, the efficiency is higher.

Single layer metal drying is a container-sized oven or burner. The fuel mainly refers to coal, natural gas, diesel oil, electric and so on. The length of single layer metal drying is not more than 65m. It is relatively occpy more space because of the length. While compared with civil engineering drying, the drying efficiency of single layer metal drying is higher. 

Plates for placing egg tray

Plates for placing egg tray

single layer metal dryer

Single layer metal drying

Multilayer Metal Drying

Just as single layer metal drying, our multilayer metal drying is also a container-sized oven or burner which is made of metal. The fuel is also coal, natural gas, diesel oil, liquefied petroleum gas, biomass, electric and so on. 

Althrough the investment of multilayer metal drying is higher, but the space is smaller and the drying efficiency is higher. Generally speaking, now we offer 6 layers metal drying. If you have small space or have clean production requirements, multilayer metal drying is your ideal choice.

Specifications of AGICO Egg Tray Drying Line

Type of Drying Available Fuel Length of Drying Line (m) Output(p/h)
Multilayer metal drying line Natural gas, diesel, LPG 25 1000-6000
Single-layer metal drying line Natural gas, diesel, LPG 40-45 1000-2000
50-55 2000-4000
60-65 4000-6000
Civil engineering drying line Coal, natural gas, diesel, LPG 40-45 1000-2000
50-55 2000-4000
60-65 4000-6000

Besides the above mainly drying equipment, there are some other drying methods. There is no need to purchase the dryer. But the cost of labor is high. You can choose the most suitable method according to your requirements.

Burning chamber of multilayer dryer

Burning chamber

multilayer metal dryer

Multilayer metal drying

Dry naturally under the sun

This dry method belongs to manual egg tray production line, usually suitable for manual egg tray machine with the output about 1000pcs/h or 1500pcs/h. If the weather in your country is pretty good or sunny and there is fire-proofing environment, what’ s more, it is more wind, then it is wise to choose this drying. Just put the wet pulp moulding products under the sun is ok. This drying method needs customized drying racks, which are made of durable and stable materials. Meanwhile, carts with wheels is convenient in order to move the racks freely to reduce the labor investment. Now that this drying method depends on the sun, it is cost-effective. Therefore, it is appropriate for small egg tray factory.

drying egg tray under the sun

Brick Drying Room

Semi automatic drying line mainly refers to the brick drying room. Customers should build a drying room. Many kinds of egg tray machine can use this drying line. Wet pulp moulding products need to be put in the trolley by manpower instead of the machine. Then the trolley is pushed into the drying room by workers. That is to say, the drying process is finished under the help of the manpower. Therefore, this dryer is suitable for small-sized factory and medium-sized factory. But considering production capacity, brick drying is suitable for less than 3000pcs/h. 

Drying room for egg tray

Compared with natural drying, box drying is not affected by seasons or weather, and the heating method can use coal, biomass particles, natural gas, diesel oil, etc. The box drying is suitable for the egg trays production lines with small output, which can dry the trays evenly, with high speed and more guaranteed quality of the trays.

The basic process of the egg tray production process is pulping, forming, drying, shaping and packaging and shipping. Among them, drying is a very important part. Common drying methods include natural drying, civil engineering drying and metal drying. The following introduces a drying method of box-type egg tray.

box drying
box drying
box drying
egg trays


Different egg tray dryers have different environment and operational requirements. According to your egg tray machine models, factory areas, budget, weather and production capacity etc, you can choose different egg tray dryers. Not only semi drying system but also automatic drying system are excellent with compact appearance, long lifespan and good quality. So if you are interested in our egg tray dryers, don’t hesitate to contact us! We will offer the most suitable equipment and professional guidance for you.

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