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Egg Carton Printing Machine

Features of Egg Carton Printing Machine

The AGICO egg carton labeling printing machine has the advantages of high quality and efficiency, cost saving, simple operation, convenient installation and powerful  printing function. It can print real-time data, bar code, QR code, database and other contents. It has powerful editing function, too.

egg carton printing machine

The structure is simple. The printer is generally composed of host, power supply and nozzle. It does not need filter and cleaning and maintenance. It can realize multi head code spraying, and can change other colors of ink at any time, such as black, yellow, red, blue, white and so on. 

Specification of egg carton printing machine

Practical Print  Width54 mm  72 mm 108 mm 144 mm
Print head TypeIndustrial Grayscale piezo  Printhead
Print Resolution600*1200 dpi
Print Speed0-60M/min
Ink colorC(blue)  M(black)  Y(yellow)  K(red)     Special color
Ink TypeEnvironmental-Friendly  UV Curing Ink(VOC-Free)
Special InkWater-based Ink and Edible Ink
Number of Print heads1-12个 (1-6 colors optional)
Media thickness1-200 mm
Print FunctionPattern、2-D code、bar code、Drug Regulatory code、characters ,ect
Media TypeHard and flexible materials
Suitable MediaPaper molded、lunch box、paper cup、plastic plate、metal plate、glass、acrylic、wood plate、tile, ect
RIP  softwarePhotoPrint
Input FormatPDF. Jpg. TIF. AI ect
Electrical Requirement220v/AC (±10%)Single Phase,50/60 HZ; 1.2kw
Weight200 KG
Size3.5m (L)* 0.9M (W) *1.7 M(H)
Environment RequestsIndependent、clean、low-dust、low-light、well-ventilated work room;Ambient temp: 18 ℃-30℃ (64°F-86°F)Relative Humidity : 30%-70%(non-condensing)
egg carton printer
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