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Packing Machine

Packing System

Just like drying system. Packing machine for pulp moulding products is optional. It is used to pack the final paper pulp moulding products compactly to save more storing and shipping space. We can supply a counter at the end of the production line to calculate the number of products automatically.

With regard to the high-end molded pulp products, like shoe stretcher, egg boxes, we can also supply a hot press machine to embellish the appearance and make them artistic, and hot press machine can make the shape of paper molded products more stable. Besides, all pieces of equipment are having one-year warranty.

Egg tray stacker and packer

When the pulp molding automatic production line produces a large batch of products, it is more difficult and hard to stack the products by hand, the automatic stacking machine can automatically drying line out of the products for neat stacking and counting, thus can reduce the labor intensity of production workers and reduce the staffing of the production plant.
Automatic stacking machine is the use of products in the drying line run out, according to the product’s travel track, the product through the guide rail automatically towards the stacking mechanism, and then through the light sensor switch scanning after each product through the automatic point counting and provide signals to the stacking actuator, issued by the automatic stacking of the products of the action of the implementation of the instructions, and then by the stacking mechanism of the automatic stacking of the machinery.
The automatic stacking machine can be divided into: mechanical and pneumatic inductive types according to the type of transmission mechanism.

packing machine
packing machine

Egg tray stacker is used in the packing system of automatic egg tray production line. The egg tray stacker can help to storage the egg trays and save labors. What’s more, egg tray stacker can count, separate and stack the dried final paper molded products, and pack them automatically.  The function of egg tray packer is similar to egg tray stacker. It can compress the air between egg trays and make the final paper molded products tighter. 

Egg carton labeling line

Besides egg tray stacker and packer, we can offer special egg carton labeling line. It is used to label egg cartons. The specification is as belows:

  • Capacity: about 1200-2500pc/hr
  • Labeling precision: +/-2mm
  • Lable must be roller; outter diamater: φ≤280mm; Inner diamater: φ76mm
  • Label request: (L) 10mm-250mm; (W) 20mm-150mm
egg carton labeling line label machine

Egg carton pad printer

egg carton pad printer

Egg carton pad printer

Like egg carton labeling machine, egg carton pad printer is also used to print some patterns or designs on the surface of egg cartons. The specification is as belows:

  • Capacity: about 700-900pcs/hr;
  • Color: 4-6 colors, different sides
  • PLC control
  • Plate size: 150mm*250mm
  • Power: 2000W
  • Voltage: 220V
Sample pictures of egg carton pad printer

Egg carton pad printer sample pictures

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