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Pulping Machine

Pulping machine is used to turn waste paper into pulp. It is the first procedure to make pulp molding products. We all know that the smoother the paper pulp is, the better the molded products are. Each egg tray production line requires a wonderful pulp making system. AGICO provides convenient, complete and easily-operated pulping system to improve pulp quality. It consists hydraulic pulper, pulp refiner and pulp pump.

What’s more, we also supply an integrated pulping system, which makes great differences in reducing the occupied area, construction work and transportation costs, so it is suitable for small egg tray machine and is popular among customers all over the world.

pulping system of pulp molding products equipment

Working Procedures of pulping system

First, put the raw materials, such as old books, newspapers, waste paper, cardboard boxes etc. into the hydraulic pulper manually. Then stir and smash the raw materials with water in appropriate proportion. The impurities will be filtered out when turning into fiber suspensions. Then store the screened pulp in pulp pool temporarily and reprocess the screened pulp by pulp refiner with necessary chemical additives. The refined pulp in the stirred tank is prepared for paper tray forming machine. For different kinds of egg tray production line, there maybe more than one stirred tanks.

process of pulping




Water pump


Specifications of pulper

Pulper modelsPulper volumeCorresponding egg tray machine modelsOutput (p/h)
ZDS44m³DT5×8; DT4×84000-5000
ZDS22m³DT4×4; DT3×82500-3000
ZDS11m³DT3×4; DTF4×1; DTF3×11000-2000
pulping pool
paper pulping machine
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