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Pulping Machine

Pulping machine is used to turn waste paper into pulp. It is the first procedure to make pulp molding products. We all know that the smoother the paper pulp is, the better the molded products are. Each egg tray production line requires a wonderful pulp making system. AGICO provides convenient, complete and easily-operated pulping system to improve pulp quality. It consists of a hydraulic pulper, pulp refiner and pulp pump.

What’s more, we also supply an integrated pulping system, which makes great differences in reducing the occupied area, construction work and transportation costs, so it is suitable for small egg tray machine and is popular among customers all over the world.

pulping system of pulp molding products equipment

Working Procedures of Pulping System

First, put the raw materials, such as old books, newspapers, waste paper, cardboard boxes etc. into the hydraulic pulper manually. Then stir and smash the raw materials with water in appropriate proportion. The impurities will be filtered out when turning into fiber suspensions. Then store the screened pulp in pulp pool temporarily and reprocess the screened pulp by pulp refiner with necessary chemical additives. The refined pulp in the stirred tank is prepared for paper tray forming machine. For different kinds of egg tray production line, there maybe more than one stirred tanks.

process of pulping




Water pump


Specifications of pulper

Pulper modelsPulper volumeCorresponding egg tray machine modelsOutput (p/h)
ZDS44m³DT5×8; DT4×84000-5000
ZDS22m³DT4×4; DT3×82500-3000
ZDS11m³DT3×4; DTF4×1; DTF3×11000-2000
pulping pool
paper pulping machine

Wastepaper Baling Press

A wastepaper baling press, also known as a waste paper baler, is a machine used to compress and compact waste paper materials into dense and manageable bales for storage, transportation, and recycling purposes. These machines are commonly used in recycling facilities, paper mills, printing plants, and other industries that generate large volumes of waste paper. The baling process helps to reduce the volume of waste paper, making it easier to handle, transport, and recycle.

If your egg tray business has a large scale, before the pulping process, we need to package raw materials such as waste paper. This requires the use of a waste paper baler. We offer the JD series hydraulic wastepaper baler. This wastepaper baler is divided into three grades: high, medium, and low, and users can choose according to their specific needs. The packaging type and structure can also be specially designed and customized according to the user’s requirements.

Application of JD Series Wastepaper Baling Press

The JD series (10-200T vertical, horizontal) hydraulic baler is mainly suitable for the packaging of soft fiber materials in industries such as animal husbandry, printing, textiles, and papermaking. It is used for baling hay, paper edges, medicinal materials, wood pulp, flax, wool, waste cotton, loose cotton, and various scraps, bringing great convenience to the storage and transportation of soft fiber materials in various industries. The hydraulic system of this series of products adopts advanced multi-way reversing valve (or distributor), which has overflow and overload prevention functions. The overall structure is compact and reasonable, with safe and reliable operation, and easy operation and maintenance.

waste paper baler
waste paper baler
Main Structural Features of JD Series Wastepaper Baling Press

The machine is mainly composed of six parts: frame, oil cylinder, gear pump, multi-way reversing valve (or distributor), oil tank, and motor.

  • Frame: It adopts a vertical structure, welded from standard profiles;
  • Oil cylinder: It adopts a piston-type oil cylinder, which is divided into single, double, and triple cylinder structures according to its execution function and pressure tonnage requirements;
  • Gear pump: It adopts the CBT-E5** series gear pump, which has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable operation, and low failure rate;
  • Multi-way reversing valve (or distributor): It has overflow and overload prevention functions, and the overflow part has good opening and closing characteristics, and the pressure is adjustable. The valve body of the reversing valve can be arbitrarily increased or decreased according to needs, and the sliding valve function can be freely combined. The micro-motion speed regulation of the reversing valve has good performance, sensitive action, and reliable operation;
  • Electric motor: Equipped with energy-saving Y-series three-phase asynchronous motor as the power source, with high working efficiency, long service life, and reliable operation;
  • Diesel engines are used as power sources in remote areas without power supply.
waste paper baler
waste paper baler
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