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Pulping and Molding Process of Egg Tray Equipment

Crushing and beating pulping The vertical hydraulic pulper in the waste paper or grass commercial pulp plate fork hydraulic pulper is reused and disintegrated into a pulper. The industrial packaging pulp of the machine is only for the production of 5% to 8% pulp consistency. High-efficiency deconstruction, low consumption and simple structure of the high-altitude paper …

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Troubleshooting of egg tray machine for pulp molding equipment

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Egg tray machines There are many types of pulp molding egg tray equipment, but they all have mechanical, electrical, and pneumatic components. The mechanical transmission mainly includes connecting rod transmission, crankshaft transmission, sheave transmission, chain transmission, and gear transmission. How to maintain egg tray machine for pulp molding equipment The mechanical tracks include angle iron …

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