1500pcs/h Egg Tray Production Line to Zambia

On the middle of August, our Zambia customer ordered our 1500pcs/h egg tray production line with the natural drying method. Customers said they can dry egg trays under the sunshine, so they ordered pulping machine and egg tray machine. If you want to invest less money, and your region has enough sunshine, our 1500pcs/h egg tray production line is your best choice. What’s more, we have different kinds of models with different capacity for egg tray production line. Welcome customers from all over the world come to our company to visit our egg tray machine.

All the machines we offer have high quality, from designing, to producing, to the final machine, among which the spare parts have obtained CE and ISO 9001certifications. According to your real situation, we can help to recommend the properest egg tray machines. We have different models of egg tray machines, which can meet your special requirements.

Our egg tray machine is cheaper than other companies’ products with the same quality because of advanced technique and many years’ experience.

We are the most reliable egg tray machine manufacturer, with 20+ years experience, our machine is professional & environmental, high yield & low price!

We sincerely waiting for you and welcome our customers to visit our company!

Zambia 1500pcs/h egg tray machine
1500pcs/h egg tray production line
1500pcs/h egg tray production line
1500pcs/h egg tray production line