AGICO 2000pcs/h Paper Egg Tray Machine to Zambia

Recently, a new line of 2000pcs/h paper egg tray machine was shipped to Zambia via Dar-Es-Salam. This 2000pcs/h paper egg tray machine not only can produce egg trays, but also egg box with the help of different moulds like cup frisby. Besides the standard paper egg tray production line, Zambia customer is also interested in the egg box 12 cells moulds and ordered two sets hot pressing machine of paper egg tray production line. The customer could produce the egg box 12 cells also by changing the moulds on the forming machine. The following is pictures for shipping egg tray machine to Zambia. Anyone who is interested in our paper egg tray machine, please contact us without hesitation.

egg tray equipment
paper egg tray machine pulper
egg tray production line to Zambia
paper egg tray machine
egg tray equipment
2000pcs/h egg tray production line
zambia ordered egg tray machine