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Analysis on egg tray machine price

Why the egg tray machine price has improved?

In our daily life, people always buy eggs, the tray which used to put eggs is called egg tray. We all know that egg tray is consumption, and farmers all over the country must use egg trays! It is a necessity for poultry and egg transportation. So with the improvement of using egg tray, the requirements for egg tray machine is more and more urgent, which leads to the higher egg tray machine price.
At the same time, every year the increase in feed prices, labor costs, and raw material costs have also led to rising egg tray machine price.

How to make sure the egg tray machine price?

maintain egg tray equipment

It is easy for investors to produce egg tray, only need to purchase egg tray machines, so there are many small or medium enterprises devote themselves to the egg tray machine industry. Then whether the price of the egg tray machine is expensive or not? For this question, there is no absolute answer, because the quality, technology of the egg tray machines are different, so there are also high and low prices. Here are some references about different egg tray machine prices.
Small egg tray machines are mostly used by small manufacturers, with an average price ranging from 30,000 to 50,000 yuan. This kind of egg tray machine has low output. I personally think it is the first choice for small producers.
Large-scale egg tray equipment is mostly used by manufacturers with very high production demand. The price is relatively expensive, mainly about hundreds of thousands of yuan. If it is equipped with high-tech metal drying equipment, the price needs to be added. This type of egg tray equipment needs high investment but can have quick return.
The price of the egg tray machine mainly depends on the price of the main machine, namely the machine with different molds. Many people ask for the price first when buying. In fact, for machines with different models, different materials, and even different hosts, the price is just a number. They just know that the price is not enough to meet their own production needs. When purchasing egg tray machine, it is still necessary to decide according to the output of the egg tray machine you want and the demand of individuals and regions. You must fully understand the market and needs, but not buy too blindly. It is most important to choose the type you need. What’s more, the service life of the egg tray machine also needs to consider.

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Prospect of egg tray machine industry

Egg tray machine equipment is also a kind of pulp molding equipment. In today’s booming packaging industry, many pulp molding equipment such as egg tray machines have undoubtedly promoted the further development of the market, making pulp molding equipment more widely used. Furthermore, from the perspective of national policy, we still take egg tray equipment as an example. For example, the poultry and egg industry is within the scope of our country’s agricultural field, and the country has always strongly supported the development of agriculture, so this industry will still need to rely on packaging products produced by egg tray machines for a long time in the future.
As a kind of industry investment, egg tray machine also has its own advantages, but different from other low-cost investment, as the society becomes more and more advocating renewable, the demand for egg tray is also higher and higher. The investability of egg tray machine has also increased.
There are three main considerations when planning to do the egg tray machine industry. For the first, you must first have your own vacant land for equipment and production use. The prices are different in different regions. The second is to buy a set of suitable egg tray equipment. The price of the egg tray machine is 40,000-90,000 for small and medium-sized, and hundreds of thousands for large-scale. It depends on individual and regional needs. The third is for investment, raw materials, fuel, and salary are necessary.
The return of pulp egg trays is still great. For example, a medium-sized egg tray machine can produce 3,000 pieces per hour, 10 hours a day, and the profit per piece is 4-5 cents. A small egg tray machine can make a net profit of 1200-1500 yuan per day(depending on regional economic conditions). As far as the market is concerned, pulp egg trays are still in short supply, and people’s increasing awareness has also invisibly promoted the development of egg tray machines.
As stated, there are many factors affect the egg tray machine price. But AGICO engages in the egg tray machine industry for almost 20 years, during such a long time, we not only accumulate experience of research and development, but also we try our best to keep our brand and reputation. We can offer high quality and low price egg tray production line with different kinds of models. Welcome customers from all over the world to our company, looking forward to cooperating with customers who are interested in egg tray machine industry.

Analysis on egg tay production cost

 Project Waste paper Water Gas Electricity Work force Rent Total
 5000cost(yuan) 510 5.3 299 78.4 120 16.8 1030
 Each piece cost(yuan) 0.1020.001060.0598 0.01568 0.024 0.00336 0.206
 Percent(%) 49.60.5297.611.71.6100

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