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Different Kinds of Pulp Molds for Pulp Molding Machine

The pulp molding line is a recycling industry which can produce egg trays, egg cartons, fruit trays, etc. from the raw materials of waste paper. With changing different molds, the same line can produce different products to satisfy the market. Customers can customize molding dies and pulp molding machines according to their own needs and requirements, only offer the sample of molds they want to use.

Thanks to the use of paper pulp molding machine, it recycles waste and reduces pollution. We knows that most egg trays are made from waste paper, and pulp molding equipment integrates these wastes, reducing resources waste.

Agico offer pulp molding equipment with different molds to produce different pulp molded products. Our company can customize different pulp molding machines according to customers’ needs. As long as you own one egg tray machine of our company, that means you can not only make egg tray, but also all the other pulp moulding products. What you need to do is change the molds of pulp molding machine. We have paper egg carton molds, seed tray molds, shoe tray molds, egg tray molds, etc.

The types of molds are as follows:

Mold is vital for paper molded production line, by changing different molds, our customers will manufacturer the products they need. Paper pulp molding products are widely used in the packing of food industry,too. For egg cartons, the customer can choose the right molds from our existing types or customize the mold you need based on the requirements like local packing habits or packing range.

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