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Egg Carton/Egg Box

What is Egg Carton?

Egg box is used for the packaging of eggs to protect eggs from vibration, collision and damage during handling and transportation. Egg box could also used as terminal sales packaging, and it’s very common in supermarkets and shopping malls, with many specifications.

6 cells egg box
10 cells egg box
Coffee carrier
Fragile goods padding

Craftsmanship of egg box

The pulp egg box is made of recycled pulp. It is not only cheap, but also degradable. All kinds of waste paper can be used as raw materials like used books, kraft paper, paper edges, and carton leftovers etc.

Apart from pulping system, forming system, drying system and packing system, it needs an extra hot pressing machine to make egg box more smooth and strong, which is a unique process different from egg tray production. After this process, there will be about 10% moisture content in egg box, which makes it more tough and invulnerable.

All the egg box mold are aluminum mold, which enjoys a longer working life for over ten years. Our egg box mold got various types, like 18 cells, 12 cells,10 cells, 8 cells, 6 cells, 4 cells and so on. More than this, we could also customize based on your needs, not only egg box or egg tray, but coffee carrier, fragile goods padding, electric appliance cushioning,etc.

Anyang General International Corporation Ltd.(AGICO) has rich export experience, like exporting to Mozambique, Nepal, Zambia,Iraq…and so on. Welcome customers all over the world to contact us and enjoy a high quality pre-sale and after-sale service.

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