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Egg carton production line arrived in Zambia

After a long time and in-depth discussion, Zambia customers told us that there has a long period of rainy time every year in their country, so we suggested customers to consider the egg tray production line with brick kiln according to their local climate. Through investigation and research, the Zambia customer finally choose AGICO group and ordered egg tray and egg carton production line with capacity of 2000pcs/h, this pulp moulding machine adopts Model ZMDT3*4 and the drying method is  with brick kiln.

Our technician helps customer to design the layout as customer’s land and guide customer to do some civil engineering work on line during the process of producing egg tray machines.

Zambia egg tray machine design

On Dec.22,2021, the customer got his egg tray machine and other related equipment. Below are the pictures of unloading the equipment to his workshop.

unload egg tray machine
unload egg tray machine

When the egg tray production line arrived at customer’s side, our after-sale team keep on providing a professional after-sale service by free by the supports of detail drawing and fully communication on line.

We are happy to share some new progress follows:

zambian 2000pcs/h egg tray machine

The whole egg tray production line in Zambia is under installing right now and going smoothly. At present, the first floor brick kiln had been finished and the second layer plan to done this week.

The customer is happy to choose us with professional before and after service. As one of famous egg tray machine manufacturers, we appreciated customer’s trust and will endeavor to service more customers in the world.

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