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Egg tray making machine daily maintenance strategy

Egg tray making machine belongs to food packaging machinery. It is not only used for egg trays, but also can produce bottle trays, fruit and vegetable trays, etc., so it has a wide range of applications and now more and more people not personal but corporate begin to use egg tray making machine to produce paper molding products for using. To increase the service life of egg tray making machine or minimize the probability of failure, daily maintenance is essential. Egg tray making machine is a machine used to process and manufacture egg trays, egg cartons, bottle trays, fruit trays, paper shoe stretcher, cans and milk box and so on. Here let’s popularize the daily maintenance strategy of egg tray machines.

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Egg tray making machine maintenance strategy

First of all, the material of the egg tray equipment is stainless steel. Under normal circumstances, the egg tray equipment will not rust. However, if the use or maintenance is improper, or the environment of the egg tray making machine is too bad, the egg tray equipment may rust. It is necessary to improve the awareness of egg tray making machine maintenance and do a good job in maintenance.
Secondly, improper use of egg tray equipment will cause rust and degumming. Attention should be paid to proper usage in order to prevent the occurrence of the bad two phenomena. During the operation of the egg tray making machine, it is inevitable to come into contact with water, which requires maintenance of the egg tray making machine to extend its service life.
Thirdly, if you want to ensure the quality of the egg tray equipment, you must pay extra attention to the raw materials at the same time. Only when you can ensure the quality and safety of the raw materials, then you can get a good product and make good use of it. Most people do not guarantee the safety of raw materials, which may result in substandard quality.
Fourthly, because the egg tray machine shapes the pulp, the pulp is adsorbed in the pulp tank, and the pulp will be stained around the egg tray machine. These need to be cleaned in time, not just to ensure that the egg tray machine is clean, if too much pulp residue accumulates, it will wear the machine. When cleaning the egg tray machine, do not use hard steel wire balls, steel brushes or chemical agents. Use soft towels, soft cloths with water or neutral detergents, otherwise it will cause scratches or erosion.
Fifth, when operating egg tray machines, it’s unavoidable to have contact with water, which requires more maintenance of the machine, to make sure we can use the egg tray machine for longer time. If the situation is not so bad, just clean egg tray machine with cloth or sponge to dip the mixed solution by ethyl alcohol, essential oil, methybenzene or acetonic.
Sixth, after drying the paper molding products or egg trays making by egg tray production line with the drying system, the size and thickness of the egg trays, as well as the uniformity of the egg trays can’t catch the requirements of symmetrical, so we must use hot press shaping equipment to hot press our products to make our pulp molded products more compact, improve the strength and toughness of the products, and at the same time, to keep the shape and size of egg trays the same for a long time, thus the thickness of the product is uniform, and the outer surface is smooth and flat.


Nowadays, pulp egg tray making machine has been widely used in the world. More and more people begin to involve in this industry. When first going into the egg tray making machine, to know how to maintain it is necessary. Generally speaking, egg tray machine is the crucial part of the whole egg tray production line, but only egg tray machine can’t produce egg trays, the other parts are also indispensable, such as pulping machine, drying machine and packing machine. Besides, the molds of egg tray making equipment are quite important, it needs the research of the scientific and technical personnel. 
AGICO has rich experience in maintaining and producing egg tray machines, we have advanced technology and high quality raw materials of egg tray making machines, can offer different kinds and models of egg tray production lines. Each egg tray production line has the high quality configuration with advanced pulping system, drying system and packing system. As for the critical egg tray machine, we especially offer the wonderful equipment to meet the requirement of customers. We sincerely hope to have cooperation and business relationship with partners all over the world. And we cooperate on the basis of equality and mutual benefits with our customers. The smiles of customers are AGICO’s pursuing, and the quality of the egg tray machines are the foundation of our cooperation. So if you want to begin egg tray machine industry, please don’t hesitate, come to contact us!

Specification of AGICO egg tray machine

ModelsOutput (pieces/hour)Power (kw)Mould Quantity
ZMDTF 3×110002.23
ZMDTF 4×115002.24
ZMDT 3×41800-2300312
ZMDT 4×42200-2500316
ZMDT 3×83000-4000324
ZMDT 4×83500-4500332
ZMDT 5×84000-5000440
ZMDT 5×125000-6000460

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