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Egg Tray Pulping and Forming Machine

Pulp molded paper products are typical green products, environmental protection and reusable, is the ideal alternative to traditional foamed polystyrene, can effectively ease the white pollution problem, so pulp molded products are very popular.

Egg tray pulping and forming machine is a small egg tray processing equipment that integrates pulping and egg tray forming. Customers do not need to prepare a separate pulping tank, but only need a piece of iron, which can be made into a suitable device that can be directly connected to the egg tray machine.

egg  tray pulping and forming equipment
egg tray pulping and forming equipment

This equipment is a flip type molding machine, the components of the equipment consists of pulp crusher, pulp making system, molding machine in one, the equipment design is reasonable, compact, covers an area of very small. Among them, the forming machine is composed of forming template, transfer template, gear reducer, motor, intelligent control electric appliance, cylinder, solenoid valve and other components. The capacity of the equipment is 1000 pieces/hour, and the operation mode of the forming machine adopts reverse suction forming.

The raw materials are waste book paper, waste newspaper, waste carton, waste paper and paper tail pulp, etc. It is more suitable for natural drying method. Once the whole set of equipment is unloaded, the customer can connect it according to our drawings and put it into use immediately after debugging, which greatly shortens the construction period of the production line and is appreciated by a large number of customers.

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