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Factors affecting the forming quality of pulp egg trays

During the operation of egg tray production line, the forming quality of egg tray is closely related to many factors. Here we talk about the main two factors of affecting the forming quality of pulp egg trays.

Two main factors of affecting egg tray quality

Firstly: raw material of egg tray machine is the primary factor to determine the quality of the egg trays. If you don’t have good raw materials, you can’t make good quality egg trays.

The paper used in the production of high-quality dyed egg trays should be white cardboard, such as pure fiber white cardboard like medicine boxes and cigarette boxes. Common-quality dyed egg trays generally uses gray cardboard, such as color boxes for packaging. If there is no color requirement, choose corrugated boxes with relatively strong fibers. In short, these raw materials have relatively high fiber purity and less impurities can make egg trays with appropriate softness and hardness. If the egg tray is of poor quality, it is easy to regain moisture, etc. The first consideration of poor quality egg trays is the raw material.

egg tray
egg tray

Secondly: The quality control of the production process for egg trays is very important.

During the production and molding process of egg trays, the storage and flow of pulp in the beating system and the molding structure and performance of the egg tray equipment affect the distribution of fibers in the paper molded product to a certain extent. The mark of good molding is the uniformity of fiber distribution, which is a common molding quality item. It requires the same fiber concentration in a certain area selected arbitrarily on the egg tray. The closer the fiber distribution is to this ideal state, the more homogeneous it is. In fact, the non-directional arrangement and uniformity of fibers can only be achieved by applying sufficient agitation in a very dilute fiber suspension. It is manifested as a dynamic balance of the diffusion of fibers in all directions of the suspension. However, when the paper molded product is formed, if the pulp concentration is too large or too small, it is difficult to achieve the uniformity of the egg tray. Therefore, it is necessary to work hard in this link to produce good quality egg trays.


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