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Features of civil engineer drying

Civil engineer drying also called brick kiln drying, it applies to a fully-automatic egg tray production line. Wet egg trays will be conveyed to the drying room by a single-layer conveyor belt. Besides wood and coal, gas or diesel can also be used as heat source with the help of proper burner to dry wet egg trays. With lower cost yet high efficiency, it’s a good choice to invest if local weather is not stable.

Bricks and fire resistant clay will be needed to build the drying tunnel. At the same time, professional guidance and drawings from our engineer will make sure the building process is smooth and trouble –free for our client. If you want a fully-automatic production line yet without enough budget for metal layer-drying, you may consider civil engineer drying as your choice.  Now many cases of this drying method run successfully around the world, we also received good feedback and high praise form our customers.

civil engineer drying
civil engineer drying
civil engineer drying

Model of Civil Engineering Drying Tunnel

civil engineer drying model

The following picture is one of our actural project about civil engineering drying.

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