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How much does it cost to buy a complete egg tray production line?

Generally speaking, there are automatic egg tray machine,  semi-automatic egg tray machine and manual egg tray machine according to the automation . Let’s explain the automatic egg tray machine first. First of all, What kinds of equipment constitute the egg tray production line? The working principle of common egg tray production line is put the waste paper into the hydrapulper and add water transfer to the slurry tank, agitate uniformly through agitator and transfer to the pulp tank, when mix making a certain consistency of pulp, it can be transferred to the forming machine, the forming machine produces the egg tray and put them into the conveyor , the conveyor through the drying hole to dry the egg tray. Last, collecting and packing. In addition, excess water in forming machine can be returned to the recycle pool through the vacuum pump, the recycle pool can carried water to hydrapulper and slurry tank to make sure the water can be recycled.

Egg tray production line belongs to green environmental protection equipment. Our egg tray has fabulous breath ability, perfect water absorb ability, hydrophobicity and thermal insulation. The basic features of egg tray are prevent electrostatic, water proof, moisture proof, shockproof, anti-corrosion. This products can still be pile up, saving storage and transportation costs. Wide sources of raw materials, low cost, high strength, and has wonderful plasticity and buffer capacity. Light weight, low recovery cost, recycled repeatedly, it’s all the advantage of egg tray.How much does it cost to buy a complete egg tray production line? This have to determined according to customer needs, because beside egg tray, egg tray production line can produce of additional product, such as shoe stretcher, fruit tray, bottle tray, nursery tray. This should be customized by user’s output,drying requirements, fuel requirements, place size and power conditions. Factory business manager will customize appropriate egg tray production line based on user’s actual situation. Therefore, we suggest users can provide requires and messages to the factory and let them give a favourable prices. Anyang general  international egg tray production line has moderate price, perfect quality assurance, customized egg tray production line according to customer’s requirement. Our egg tray production line sales domestic and abroad, and the customers are very satisfied.

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, whether domestic or abroad, plastic foam are restricted gradually, and industry tray is the bast alternative. Let’s analyze the profits of opening an egg tray factory. The results are for reference only.

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