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How to improve egg tray molds performance?

Seven aspects of improving egg tray molds performance

Egg tray molds processing equipment needs to improve processing performance, mainly reflected in:

  • The increasing size of egg tray moldsforming parts and the high productivity of parts require one mold with multiple cavities, resulting in increasingly large molds. Large-tonnage large-scale molds can reach 100 tons, and one mold has hundreds of cavities and thousands of cavities. Mold processing equipment is required Large table, enlarged Y-axis and Z-axis stroke, large load-bearing, high rigidity, and high consistency.
  • The egg tray mold steel material for mold processing has high hardness, which requires the mold processing equipment to have thermal stability and high reliability.
  • For complex cavities and multi-functional composite molds, as the shape of the part becomes more complex, the design and manufacturing level of the mold must be improved. Multiple grooves and multiple materials are formed in a set of molds or assembled into multiple components. Functional composite molds require a large amount of processing programming, a high-deep cavity comprehensive cutting ability and high stability, which increases the processing difficulty.
  • The refinement of egg tray mold processing makes the complex and high efficiency of processing equipment more attractive. High-speed milling has many advantages such as the ability to process high-hard steel, smooth processing, small cutting force, and small deformation of the workpiece, which make mold companies pay more and more attention to high-speed processing.
  • High dynamic accuracy. The static performance introduced by the machine tool manufacturer cannot reflect the actual machining situation when the three-dimensional mold surface is processed. The high-precision machining of the three-dimensional surface of the mold also puts forward the requirements of high dynamic precision performance. High-speed and high-precision must be achieved only when the machine’s high rigidity, thermal stability, high reliability and high-quality control system cooperate.
  • The combination of processing technology and green product technology will be taken into consideration when the company purchases equipment. The radiation of electrical processing machine tools and the selection of media will be factors affecting safety and steel. Electric steel milling technology will be developed in the field of egg tray mold processing in the future .
  • The composite application of multiple measurement technologies, high-speed measurement and reverse engineering have become the development direction that promotes mold participation in product development and design technology.

egg tray molds

How to use egg tray molds?

As we all know, pulp molded products are produced by different egg tray molds, and what kind of mold determines what kind of pulp molded products are produced. So how to operate the egg tray mold to produce a stronger and more usable pulp molded product is important.

  • The disassembly, cleaning, overhaul and maintenance of the egg tray mold should be carried out in a special place, and the work site should be kept clean.
  • There should be various tools in the work area, such as screwdrivers and wrenches, as well as materials for cleaning and polishing. What’s more, there is a preheating device for the mold as much as possible.
  • The egg tray mold should be disassembled while it is hot, and must work quickly to avoid premature cooling. When cleaning the mold, be sure to use a soft scraper or copper brush to clean up all residual materials.
  • Clean up the egg tray mold after cooling, use soft scraper and fine flat grinding stone to clean and polish. The contact surface and non-contact surface of each accessory must be cleaned.
  • After the above work has been completed, reassembly can be carried out. Check the finish of the egg tray mold before assembling. If there is a big damage, it should be sent back to the workshop for repair.
  • Assemble, pay attention to the assembly size meets the requirements. After positioning, tighten the connecting screws when the egg tray mold is in the cooling state.

Different molds of pulp moulding machine

Egg tray equipment molds are used very frequently, and each opening and closing of the mold will cause a wear to the mold itself. After long-term use, the wear will accumulate to a certain degree, and the performance of the egg tray mold will decline until the end of life. Therefore, it is necessary to sum up more experience in the operation of egg tray equipment molds.

Issues for the use of egg tray equipment molds

Remember to lubricate the egg tray mold before use to minimize the friction of each mold operation and prolong the service life.

Before the machine stops running, it is forbidden to directly touch the egg tray mold with your hands to prevent people from being injured by it.

Use special clamps to pick and place products to reduce work.

When not in production, the egg tray equipment mold should first clean up the debris in the mold cavity, and then apply anti-rust oil.

Regularly check and measure the size of the mold, record the data, and analyze the mold loss to control the product quality within the qualified range.

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