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How to maintain egg tray equipment in winter?

Why egg tray machine maintenance is necessary?

The material of the egg tray equipment is stainless steel. Under normal circumstances, the egg tray machine will not rust. However, if the use or maintenance is improper, or the environment of the egg tray machine is too bad, the egg tray machine may rust. In winter, the egg tray machine is not as smooth as it is in spring, summer and autumn. This is the situation that many customers reacted in this season. So why does this happen? Agico’s technicians will give you the most professional answers.

Egg tray equipment appears in this situation often after the early winter season, because the weather turns cold, the egg tray equipment will be slower when starting up, and even the output will be reduced at the first hour of beginning. This situation usually occurs in the northeast and even colder regions, how should such a situation be maintained?

How to maintain egg tray equipment?

First of all, the temperature of the egg tray equipment workshop must be increased, and the operation of the equipment will be smoother when it reaches a certain temperature.

Secondly, if the temperature is not up to the point, you can choose to scald the egg tray equipment with hot water to melt the ice cubes produced by the host and the mold during shutdown.

Third: Do not stop the machine as much as possible. It can operate continuously for 24 hours without affecting the service life of the equipment. At this time, it will make the operation of the equipment smoother.

Winter has arrived, and the maintenance of equipment is relatively more important. I hope that all customers and friends of our company, if you have any questions, please consult our after-sales service department as soon as possible.

maintain egg tray equipment

The egg tray production line requires integration of electricity and gas. The production process is highly automated, and the operation is safe and reliable. The entire process is basically unmanned. Due to the complex process of the egg tray production line, the on-site operating environment is relatively humid, which has a certain degree of equipment. It also requires low failure rate and high reliability. According to the technological process and control requirements, a programmable controller can be used to replace the single-chip as the core component of the control system.

Different kinds of egg tray machine

Generally speaking, according to the different operating methods, there are four kinds of egg tray machines.

The rotating drum type egg tray machine. It is composed of transmission and adjustment equipment, rotating drum, stripper, cleaner and controller. The general drum type egg tray machine currently has four-sided rotating drum, eight-sided rotating drum and twelve-sided rotating drum.

The up-and-down moving egg tray machine. It is an egg tray machine that moves the mold up and down and sinks into the water channel for suction filtration.

The swing type egg tray machine. It is to suck and filter the lower template of the lower rotating body in the slurry tank, dewatering, and the upper and lower rotating bodies reciprocate in place to close the upper and lower molds, and then vacuum suction and filter the molding.

The flip-type egg tray machine. It is a form in which the forming mold is placed in the slurry tank for suction filtration, and then turned over to take out the wet paper mold blank.

Nowadays, our company mainly produce the rotating drum type egg tray machine and the up-and-down moving egg tray machine. We have mature technology about making the whole egg tray production line. We can design and consult the beginner customers to involve in the egg tray machine industry. As it turns out, egg tray machine industry is greatly improve the income of people, and has bright prospect, so if you want to begin your business, egg tray machine is a good choice.

During the daily use of egg tray machinery and equipment, strict operating requirements must be formulated to ensure that all operators can operate and use correctly, so as to maximize the production efficiency of the egg tray machine and avoid the impact of incorrect operations, finally to improve the service life of the egg tray machine.

What we need to pay attention to is that the production of the egg tray production line cannot be completed by a single component. For example, a single egg tray machine cannot produce egg trays at all. It requires a pulping system, a molding system, and a drying system to cooperate with each other. Some customers say that there are other accessories, just choose an egg tray machine is ok. Then the engineer suggested that as the output increases, the power of other electrical appliances also needs to be increased. If only the egg tray machine is replaced, the power of other electrical appliances must be changed and increased accordingly, otherwise the operation is dangerous.

Specification of egg tray machine

ModelsOutput (pieces/hour)Power (kw)Mould Quantity
ZMDTF 3×110002.23
ZMDTF 4×115002.24
ZMDT 3×41800-2300312
ZMDT 4×42200-2500316
ZMDT 3×83000-4000324
ZMDT 4×83500-4500332
ZMDT 5×84000-5000440
ZMDT 5×125000-6000460
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