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How to maintain egg tray machine?

Egg tray machine belongs to one of the packing machines of food, it’s not only for making egg trays, but also for bottle trays, fruit trays, shoe stretcher and so on. So egg tray machines have large useful scope and now more and more people begin to use egg tray machines. But few people remember to ask that how to maintain egg tray machines? Here we discuss this problem together, and hope to give some good advise to the users of egg tray machines.

Generally speaking, the raw materials of egg tray machines are stainless steel, so it’s not easy to be rusty. However, if it is improper for the egg tray equipment to be used or maintained, or it’s very terrible of the outside environment, the egg tray machines maybe rusty. In this case, it’s quite necessary to improve the consciousness of equipment maintenance and to do some necessary maintain work. 

Improper use of egg tray equipment can cause rust and degumming. Users should pay attention to proper usage to prevent the occurrence of these two phenomena. During the operation of the egg tray equipment, it is inevitable to come into contact with water, which requires maintenance of the egg tray equipment to extend its service life. In mild cases, use a sponge or cloth dipped in the mixed solution of alcohol, hair oil, thinner, alcohol and toluene or acetone to wipe.

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Would like to make sure the quality of egg tray equipment, it’s significant to pay more attention to the raw materials. Only you can guarantee the safety of raw materials quality, you can get the perfect final products and use it properly. Most of the people can’t guarantee the safety of raw materials, which may lead to substandard quality.

Because egg tray machine is used to process paper pulp into all kinds of final pulp molding products, during the process, egg tray machine will be stained with paper pulp when adsorb it to the pulping pool, so it is urgent to clean in time, not only to keep clean of egg tray machine. That’s because if the residue of paper pulp is too much, it will wear the egg tray machine. In the meantime, when cleaning egg tray machine, please remember not to wipe strenuously with hard steel wool, chemical agent or steel brush, but with soft towel or soft cloth and put them into water to wipe, or with some neutral detergent to prevent the scratching or corrosion.

How to solve problem in winter?

It’s not so smooth when operating the egg tray machine in winter compared with  the other seasons, like spring, summer and autumn. Most of the users reflect this situation about different seasons, then, why does this happen? That’s because with the change of the whether, it becomes colder and colder, so the starting time of the egg tray machine will be slow, even the output will be reduced one hour before start-up. In china, this situation mainly happens in northeast area or some places which it is much colder. Then how to maintain egg tray equipment in this situation?

Firstly, to improve the temperature of the workshop, where the main engine is put. The egg tray equipment will be smoother when a certain temperature is reached.

Secondly. If the temperature is not up to the point, you can choose to blanch the host with hot water to melt the ice produced by the host and the mold when it stops.

Thirdly, don’t stop the egg tray equipment as soon as possible. Even operating continuously for twenty-four hours will not affect the service life of the equipment. While in contrast, it will make the egg tray equipment run more smoothly.

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How to maintain egg tray molds?

It’s normal phenomenon for the egg tray molds to wear or lost during use. So besides the whole egg tray equipment, the molds also need to be paid attention to maintain. First, before installing the egg tray mold, clean the mold surface, confirm that the mold is installed correctly and without deviation, and adjust the egg tray mold to a reasonable position. Second, during the use of the egg tray mold, the staff must not leave the working area. Third, if any abnormal sound is found during use, the machine should be stopped immediately, check if there are some wrong things, and continue to use after troubleshooting. Fourth, after using the egg traymold for a period of time, check the wear of each part of the mold. If it needs to be repaired, repair it, and replace it if it needs to be replaced.

All in all, it is important for users to maintain the egg tray equipment frequently, which can make sure the service life of the machine. We can offer high quality egg tray machine with reasonable price, welcome customers to come to our company!

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