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How to make egg trays?

We all know that it is important for the enterprises to make high quality egg tray machines, during the process, pulping molding plays an important role in making the final egg tray machine. And egg tray machine is used to make egg trays, but do you know how to make egg trays? Here we introduce the process of making pulping moldings and egg trays.

First of all, to make molding for packing eggs, according to the requirements or sample specifications to make an egg tray mold. Generally speaking, we use plaster to make egg tray packaging molds, but sometimes wood carving and metal carving products are also used as molds. After the gypsum mold is made, let it dry completely and naturally or dry it. Then according to the specific conditions of the surface of products, to drill some small holes on the surface of the molds with 1-2 mm drilling, when do this, please make sure it will not affect the appearance of the product packaging. If our final products are something like packaging boxes, some small holes have to be drilled on the four sides in order that during the brake blister production, air can be drawn out. After drilling the holes for our molding, you should harden the gypsum mold. The method of hardening is to dry the molds after soaking in the saturated solution of the bright staff.

Second, dry the egg packaging molds completely, then put the egg tray molds into the iron plate in the vacuum chamber. After that, cut the plastic sheet into suitable size according to the size of the egg tray molds, and then place the sheet with suitable size into the heated wooden cabinet and fix it completely, and then the wooden cabinet and plastic sheet are placed on a constant temperature furnace for softening treatment.

Third, Put the softened plastic sheet together with the wooden cabinet in the vacuum chamber, turn on the suction switch, and suck the air in the vacuum chamber clean. After the plastic sheet cools, you will get the same concave egg tray as the mold.

In the end, organize egg packaging box; after trimming and finishing the produced egg tray, it is the finished egg packaging box, which is then shipped in a carton.

All in all, the above is the process of making egg trays. If you have an egg tray machine, it is easy for you to make egg trays. Nowadays, it is a newly and valuable industry. So don’t hesitate, join us to involve in the business, it will take you great fortune.

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