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How to solve the pollution of processing egg tray machine

Working principle of egg tray equipment

Egg tray equipment is a kind of pulp molding equipment. Many customers know that it is a good environmental protection and waste paper recycling industry. But a few know the working principle of the egg tray equipment and the entire egg tray production line. Here, Agico will give you a detailed introduction to the working principle of the egg tray production line.

The egg tray production line is divided into three systems, the pulping system, the forming system and the drying system. These are the three necessary systems for the egg tray production line. Some customers will add an automatic stacking system for a higher degree of automation. In fact, There is also a most important waste water recycling system in the entire production line, which has become the most important application in the egg tray production line, because it is very important to the current environmental protection issues for any link that may cause environmental pollution. The picture below illustrates the process flow of the egg tray production line in detail

egg tray production line

How to solve the environmental problems of the egg tray production line?

The egg tray machine has been restricted by environmental protection in the past. Due to the national environmental protection control, our egg tray production line cannot be supported and approved by government departments in many places. This has affected our development to a certain extent. The selling price of egg trays has risen within the scope. After continuous research by our technicians, all of our egg tray production lines can meet the requirements of the national environmental protection department. So how does egg tray machine manufacturer(agico) solve the environmental problems of egg tray production lines?

First: For the improvement of the country’s strict prohibition of coal burning, in the past, most of our drying part of the egg tray production line used coal as a fuel to dry the final egg trays. After improvement, our production line can completely use gas , natural gas, steam, electricity, and oil as drying fuels to dry final pulp molding products, which fully meets the national environmental protection requirements.

Second: The pollution of waste water is currently not allowed by the country. In the production process, the egg tray machine will inevitably use water in our pulping system to break up our waste paper. The previous egg tray production line of pulping will inevitably have water pollution during the process of forming and molding. At present, environmental protection requires absolutely no water pollution during the production process. Then we must strictly treat the waste water discharged from the egg tray machines. How is this waste water treated?

pulping pool

In the pulping system of the egg tray production line, we inject water into the pulping pool. After the  the waste paper is broken up, it goes to the pulping tank to adjust the pulp and proportion the pulp concentration, and then the host system directly adsorption molding, after molding, a large amount of waste water will be generated. At this time, we will introduce the waste water into the pulping machine through the waste water recycling system again, and repeat the pulping and mixing again, and repeat the use again and again, which reduces our water consumption and fully recycles waste water again, without causing pollution to the environment.

During the operation of the production line, we added a waste water recovery system. The simple principle is that when the egg tray machine is formed, the waste water discharged from the egg tray machine will be drained into the pulping system again through the waste water return system. In the pulping system, the secondary recycling is carried out, and the waste water is continuously reused during the operation of the entire production line, so as to achieve complete waste-free pollution.

Third: air pollution. In coal-burning production lines, we have never caused air pollution, because we are completely smoke-free, so after the improvement of natural gas, there will be no more pollution to the atmosphere, and no polluting gas will be discharged into the air.

The use of waste paper for the production of molded pulp products is in line with the country’s industrial policies for energy conservation and environmental protection. However, it should also be noted that wastewater pollution from waste paper recycling is an important issue. Although the waste water pollution load generated by the recycling process of waste paper is very low, it can save water about 50% and save energy by 60%-70%. It also saves a lot of chemical raw materials, but the waste water pollution produced should not be underestimated.

egg tray machine making workshop

Foreign countries have stricter requirements on environmental pollution. The equipment currently exported to Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan and other countries fully meets the environmental requirements of the state and local governments.

Regarding environmental protection, agico can proudly say that we have been committed to environmental protection construction and respond to national environmental protection policies.

Agico has been in the egg tray production line industry for many years, following the development of national policies, continuously improving our technology and quality, and has opened up a broad market both at home and abroad.

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