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Issues about Drying Problem of Paper Pulping Products

Considering the egg tray drying problem, it is easy for the paper pulping machine to produce paper pulping products. The basic and main consumption is the electricity consumption, in the next place is the drying consumption. Paper pulping products drying mainly refers to dry the final paper pulping products which are produced by the paper pulping machines. Here we take the egg trays drying as an example.

drying methods of paper pulping machine

Two egg tray drying methods

There are mainly two kinds of egg tray drying methods, namely steel structure drying and concrete drying, which is different because of the different raw materials of the two egg tray drying methods. But the basic principle of the two drying methods is same.

Principle of egg trays drying

The principle of egg trays drying is to heat the entire drying tunnel. Generally, a heating point is set in the middle of the drying tunnel to heat the entire drying tunnel. The steel structure drying tunnel will use refractory steel materials, while the concrete drying tunnel uses refractory bricks, because the middle part will be heated all the time, so the temperature is very high, and the whole drying tunnel is heated by the flow of hot air, so as to achieve the purpose of drying. We can provide a variety of heating methods, such as coal-burning heating, natural gas heating, electric heating, etc. The most economical is coal-burning heating, but considering the current environmental protection requirements, it is recommended to use natural gas heating, not only the cost is not high, but also the important thing is not to pollute the environment. From the perspective of heat consumption, compared with the heating efficiency of steel structures, the heating efficiency of concrete drying tunnels is higher, because the thermal conductivity of metal is much stronger than that of soil and rock, so there will be more escape in terms of heat consumption. The more advantages of the steel structure drying tunnel are clean and beautiful. The suitable one is the best one, customers can choose the proper drying methods according to the real situation and the final egg trays.

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