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Issues about fruit trays molds

About fruit package

As an indispensable food in our daily life, fruit plays an extremely important role in people’s health. Our country has a vast territory, a complex geographic climate, and a wide variety of fruits suitable for planting. There are different kinds of containers for packaging fruits. Fruit packaging is an important part of fruit preservation. Different fruits have different packaging requirements. The packaging needs to play a protective role to prevent crushing and damage to the fruit, and to facilitate transportation. Good and scientific packaging can greatly increase the added value of fruits. At present, cartons, wooden boxes and plastic boxes are mostly used in the market, which are easily squeezed and are not conducive to long-term storage and transportation. There is a lack of special transport boxes for round fruits such as apples. Therefore, our company invented an apple tray mold based on years of research on egg tray machine molds, which can better produce trays suitable for storing apples.

fruit tray

About egg tray machine

Egg tray machine is the total name of machines not only used to make egg trays, but also to make fruit trays, especially apple trays. Generally speaking, egg tray production line mainly consists of egg tray machine, pulper, air compressor and drying machine etc. The finished pulp is transported to the egg tray machine through the pipeline, and different styles of egg trays can be manufactured through different molds on the main body of the egg tray production equipment. The molds can also be replaced to produce industrial packaging such as apple trays, wine trays, and seedling trays and so on.
The egg tray machine uses environmentally friendly pulp. When using bamboo, wood, cotton stalks, straw, waste paper, etc. as raw materials for pulping, the main use of circulating water at room temperature non-discharge pulping process. The environmentally friendly machine will not produce waste water during the entire production process, and discharge chemical water. This water can be reused without external discharge to reduce pollution to the environment and water resources.

New fruit trays molds

Scientists invented a mold applied to a pulp molding production line to produce paper fruit trays, especially for apple trays and pear trays. The existing apple or pear tray mold is composed of a lower mold and an upper mold. The lower mold includes a lower mold frame and a plurality of lower mold cavities installed on the lower mold frame, and the upper mold is provided with a plurality of upper molds. The shape of the upper and lower cavities is relatively flat, with no apple or pear shape at all. When the fruit tray produced by this kind of mold is filled with apples or pears, the upper tray directly bears the apples or pears on the lower tray, and it is packed in several layers in one box. The apples in the lower layer are easily crushed during transportation and handling, and they are easy to rot and cause great losses. When packing more apples or pears, put a layer of corrugated paper on the bottom of the carton, install two or three layers in turn, and seal the box. During transportation and handling, apples or pears are easy to collide with each other, bruise or crush by pressure, causing economic losses.
The body of the new apple tray is an upper tray and a lower tray, which are respectively provided with blister grooves. The blister groove of the upper tray opens downwards, and the blister groove of the lower pallet opens upwards. The upper and lower trays are in corresponding positions. The blister groove can form a circular cavity, the blister groove is provided with an elastic structure, and a connecting structure is provided between the upper tray and the lower tray. The new design is equipped with a flexible circular cavity, which can place apples of different sizes, which has a better protective effect on the whole apple and reduces the loss caused by transportation.
This fruit tray is made of ordinary corrugated paper in the material, the thickness is 1.5MM (mainly based on the weight of the product), and the interval mode is adopted in the structure. After repeated impacts, the deformation is used to reduce the external impact from the force of the product to achieve protection performance, and the packaging method is tray-style. The removal and release of stools and fruits are as unique as possible. It effectively saves space and reduces the use of packaging materials, thereby effectively reducing costs and reducing customer investment in packaging materials. For different products, we can accept customer opinions to optimize the design and material selection, which has achieved customer satisfaction.
As stated, fruit trays are essential in the daily life, AGICO offers egg tray machine with fruit tray molds, which can produce high quality fruit trays, especially apple trays. We have different kinds of models with various capacities, come to contact us now!

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