Issues about hydraulic pulper of egg tray making machine

The hydraulic pulper of egg tray making machine is the main processing equipment used to treat pulp board, broken paper and waste paper. It is one of the most important pre equipment of the whole egg tray making line. There are two types of hydraulic pulper of egg tray making machine, namely, vertical and horizontal.

Structure of hydraulic pulper of egg tray making machine

The main part of hydraulic pulper of egg tray making machine is the turntable and the tank. In the vertical hydraulic pulper, the disc turntable is located in the center, and the disc-shaped multi-piece impellers or pearl discs are circular multi-piece components. The sieve plate with holes on the bottom of the groove around the turntable communicates with the discharge port.

pulper of egg tray making machine

Working principle of hydraulic pulper of egg tray making machine

Due to the rotation of the turntable, the crushed pulp board and waste paper will collide with the blade by the centrifugal force generated by the turntable and be thrown to the edge of the tank to form a horizontal vortex. It rises along the edge again, and then falls back to the turntable. Then a negative pressure zone is formed in the center of the tank. This cycle forms a vertical vortex, causing the slurry to come into contact with the blade back and forth and continue to be broken.

Advantages of hydraulic pulper of egg tray making machine

  1. It only dissolves the fiber without cutting it.
  2. It has the features of high production efficiency, short unwinding time and low power consumption.
  3. The structure for the pulper of egg tray making machine is simple, the maintenance is convenient, the cost is low, what’s more, the space is small.
  4. It has convenient operation, wide application range, and can process a variety of waste paper and pulp paper.
  5. It can realize continuous and automatic operation.

Influence factors of hydraulic pulper of egg tray making machine


After the temperature is increased, the waste paper is softened, and the slurry easily absorbs moisture and disintegrates, especially those re-sized paper or printing paper containing ink. Moreover, the viscosity of the pulp decreases due to the increase in temperature and has good fluidity, thereby promoting the disintegration of the pulp.


In the case of ensuring good circulation of the slurry, it is advantageous to increase the disintegration concentration. It is known from experiments that the concentration has a linear relationship with the power consumption, but the energy consumption per unit output decreases with the increase of the concentration, and it has little effect on the disintegration effect and the disintegration time.

Disintegration time

Under certain operating conditions, there must be an effective disintegration interval. Beyond this interval, the increase in the disintegration rate will be very small. It is uneconomical to try to extend the time to improve the disintegration effect. Therefore, the disintegration time must be controlled to make it operate within the effective time range.

Raw material

Due to the difference in water absorption and swelling capacity and fiber binding capacity of various slurries processed, the disintegration effect is different. It shows that different slurries have different disintegration rates in the same time.