Issues should attention when using the molds of egg tray machine

Production tools play an important role in the actual production of each machinery. Take the processing of egg trays as an example, it not only needs the equipment, but also the peripheral parts matching with them are necessary. Of course, there are a lot of supporting facilities for every equipment, here we mainly talk about egg tray moulds, because it is the key component of the egg trays forming.

The mould of egg tray is used with high frequency. Each opening and closing of the mould will cause a wear on itself. After a long time of use, the wear accumulates to the extent that the performance of the mould will decline until the end of life. Therefore, we should summarize the operation experience of the mould of egg tray machine at ordinary times.

Matters should attention when using the molds of egg tray machine

  1. Lubricate the mould in time before using the egg tray machine each time, which is in order to reduce the friction of each mould when operating, so as to extend the service life of moulds of each egg tray machine.
  2. Forbid to touch the mould directly with hands before the egg tray machine stops running, which can prevent people from being hurt.
  3. To pick up and remove the egg tray mould with professional clamp in order to reduce work.
  4. When the production stops, clean up the mould of egg tray machine first and then add anti-rust oil.
  5. Regularly check and measure the mould size, make a record, do mould loss analysis, in order to control the product quality within the qualified range.